Friday, January 23, 2009


Well...i didn't start 09 as planned. I didn't end up running the entire Granite State Snowshoe Series as planned. Sadly, with the economy the way it was, and the cost of each race. I bailed on doing the whole series and perhaps the whole thing all together. I MIGHT still be doing the Cobble Race with Loni by my side next weekend, but that will most likely be the only race of the GSS series I'll complete.
With Pooh Hill out of the way, that leaves Boston Prep x2, well this weekend i got a ticket to go to the NHL All Star Game up in the Centennial Montreal Habs Bell Centre. Well me being a huge hockey fan, I had to go, so i passed up on the prep x2 and I'm off to Montreal. Part of me wishes i was still in NH running this race with my good friend John, and the other part of me is glad to be up in the great white north eating a half-hawg, drinking amazing beer, and watching the all stars strut their stuff on the ice of the bell centre. John, i wish you the best is your first ultra of 09 and pressing forward withing your own battle. I can't wait to share stories and miles shoulder to shoulder in the near future. I'm looking forward to the snowshoe race in March. The miles we will share, the distance we will cover in the cold dark Vermont woods. The unofficial Snowshoe 50 Miler is going to be one hell of a trip. I've got to put the hammer down on my training in the meantime. or i am screwed. All sweat and determination from the Robert camp as the 09 season about starting the season behind the ball.....