Friday, July 20, 2012

7 in 7 - My 2012 Summer/Fall Experiment

So as many of you know, i don't really have a medium pace (que dorky Adam Sandler song reference here).  With anything i do, i'm either in with both feet with everything I've got or I completely lose interest.  Hell look at this blog.  I update constantly then i see a shiny object and i'm off in another direction.

Well, to force myself back into shape and running I've decided to do something stupid.  OK, not really, but it's quite a personal challenge.  The goal is to run 7 ultra's in 7 weeks, in 3 states, and the kicker being that between two of the ultra's i'll be hiking approximately 60 miles on the Appalachian Trail, oh, and two shorter trail races that will conclude the WNHTRS just for good measure.

My adventure begins in Vermont where i'll be running 36 miles with the old guard of VT Ultra friends in the Moosalamoo Wilderness.   16 hours after the race, I'll be shouldering a 40lb backpack in Killington and hiking back to NH over the course of the following 5-6 days.

The following weekend (two days after leaving the AT for those keeping track) Loni and our small running group is hosting the Fox40.  A Fat ass event consisting of two 20 mile loops right in our backyard (Fox Forest).

One week later after a visit to Burlington to see the family and hopefully catch a Lake Monsters game I'll head to the top of Vermont to take on a brand new race at the Jay Peak Trail Running Festival.

Next up will be a bit of travel as Leah and I hit the road to PA where we'll take on the KTA's Super Hike.  An event that was washed out last year during the floods, I'm really looking forward to seeing some new trails and views.

After running a tough 5 miler in west leb i'll be off to Chesterfield NH to run around in Pisgah State Park for my usual pre-VT50 training run.  This year having two weeks between races is sure to boost the attendance for the well run, cheap, low key ultra.

With two weeks to go Leah and I will conclude the WNHTRS back in Lebanon on a course that i'm unfamiliar with.  Hopefully it won't beat the pants off of me because the following day i'll be doing a long slow grueling solo? 50k to keep the dream alive.  Where it will be, when it will start, and what the course is has yet to be decided.  If you are interested in joining me, please drop me a line

And finally, to conclude my test, I will be returning again to my home state to run my ever favorite VT50 in its 19th year.  I've watched this race go from a low key ultra, a walk in with cash day before with camping,  to it's massive current form of 300% the cost with the same or less in return.  Sure, i'm jaded, but it was where i started, so i will continue to support it....for now.  The course can be phenomenal or terrible depending on the weather.  I can't wait to see what mother nature throws at us this year.

So that's where I am and what I've got in front of me.  Stay tuned...It's going to be a wild ride!

Monday, July 16, 2012

2012 - The first Half - aka it's been awhile

Oh, hello again blogger, how have you been?

So i apologize for falling off the map regarding monthly updates, but i felt like i was losing my path.  Rather then doing adventures and writing about them i was forcing myself to be busy, taking more photos that i really didn't NEED to do instead of actually just living the moment.  And at the end of the month rather then using the blog as a fun tool to share my journey's, it was a homework assignment.

If you are a regular to my site you'll have noticed that the 2012 event logos have updated as dates approach.  And for those who did not, here's a brief over-view of how the year has been thus far.

The TGTHAO Party was again a hit, and again, it was cold as sin.  D&H hosted in VT and we managed to scream through a couple of kegs and a ton of home made pasta.   The following weekend was supposed to be a snowshoe "ultra" around Bear Brook similar to 2011.  Anyone that lives in New England knows that this year's snowfall was pitiful at best.  So needless to say the snowshoe run turned into a icy, then muddy 16 mile slogfest.   We continued to make/bottle our wine for summertime consumption.

The end of the month marked another end of the "streak"   Feel free to read year's pasts for more info on that.  

Leah's plan of moving out of apartment living in the spring meant the last hurrah of the Luau.  At least in its current form.  The theme this year was people needed to bring a homemade Chinese food dish.  And for minimal planning and a lot of last minute prep i think we had a pretty dang good spread of food.

 A week later I hit the road, trying to work off the weight i'd been putting on with all of our parties.  The Hammy Slammy 3 took place.  With, yet again, no snow the traditional pizza photo was difficult to say the least.

With the 10th annual St Patties day blow-out put on hold due to poor planning and bad timing, the gang took to the road and headed to VA Beach for the 40th Annual Shamrock Marathon Weekend.  The races had ups and downs.  It was hot, we had PRs and DNFs.  A camera was ruined and plenty of yuengling was finished.

Sadly the Fox-ley Book Hunt adventure run was canceled (hopefully postponed until 2013??) due to lack of interest.  I was a bit bummed about that after having such a blast in 2011.   The biggest event/excitement in the early part of the month was witnessing/watching my neighbors house burn down.  Ungh, i still have nightmares, I don't wish that upon anyone.   We made up for the early badness by having a grand old muddy time at the Muddy Moose.

The Wapack Fat-Ass tradition was shortened due to construction on the southern end of the trail so Loni and I did the Temple Skyline NB up and over the North Pack route, while Mandiee and Leah hiked SB over the Packs to Temple.  We hiked Askutney the week afterward with the Fortin's as they took Lula on her first hike.  With the Cinco-De-Mile run also canceled due to busy schedules and lack of interest we pressed on towards Pineland Farms.  Where Lisa would compete in her first race along side of Remme, Grant and Hailey.  Greg would also fulfill a year old pinky swear with Leah at the 25k.  Oh, and we got to meet the guys from FB&HW again at another live show.  BOOM CARDONE!

June was a blur, one week removed from camping in Maine we headed up to the Whites to do some more camping for Leah's birthday.  Sadly, it was supposed to rain from when we set up camp, to when we were to break down camp.  It didn't deter us, we brought a million tarps and bought/brought a ton of wood, along with 3+ coolers of food, beer, and wine.  And Leah and I got to dog sit doofy Lula for the weekend. I think we managed to have a grand old time.  The next couple of weekends were boring doing yard work, cleaning and staining the decks (that had never been done, even by the previous owners), but i did buy a new toy.  A BB Gun.  Oh, and Leah and I started the WNHTRS which is still going on! Come out and join us!!