Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Random jibberish & The Hyner preview

The ongoing trek towards the 25th annual VT100 has reached a really rough patch over the last month.  I had been on pace and broke my longest streak (65 days) of 2 miles or more from two years ago.  The plan was to continue for as long as i could, even while running snowshoe marathons and fat ass 50k's.

After the reschedule of the Hammy Slammy IV (Recap coming), we had to put down my old cat Mr. Buttons.   This might not seem like a big deal to most people, but he had been my post-run nap buddy for the last decade.  While trying to cope with that, I managed to get one of the worst head colds in my life, that spread to a sinus infection.  After three weeks of zero days with coughing fits, and lack of sleep, I was finally able to get out and hike this past Sunday.   It was the first time I've been in the woods since our group put on the Foxley back in March (Another Recap still in draft form).

Only now, 4 weeks later, can i touch my nose without feeling like I've been punched.   It feels good to be able to be active again, which is great because i'm 3 days from one of the toughest events on my spring training schedule.  The Hyner Challenge.

“Our course is designed to reward those who have trained and punish those who haven’t!”

I'm not confident for this race in the least.  Nor do i expect to set any PRs.  I think my only saving grace for survival is the fact that this thing is a hikers course.  I've always maintained that no, i'm not a good runner, but i'll out hike half of the field given the correct terrain.  Last year was the first year of the 50k addition to the event, and most recaps (1 & 2 , my favorites) on the interwebs state that you can only run 20-25% of the course.  Well now, you're talking right up my alley!

To make things worse, Leah's dad has a hotel room for the night before.  A dry, warm....BED?!?  The running gods frown upon this behavior.  I've learned few things, but as an ultra runner, to pay proper homage to the gods.  You are supposed to sleep in your car or on the ground, in the cold and wet as a pre-race sacrifice in hopes that they will go easy on you on race day.

Ha, I'm doomed.  Bring on the punishment.  I can't wait!

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Ben Kimball said...

Hey Josh, how did the Hyner Challenge go? Looks like a stupidly fun course.