Thursday, January 27, 2011

December Recap

"'s going to be a hard month to stay motivated and keep exercising. With the massive amount of food eaten this past week, several holiday parties, Christmas and New Years on the horizon I think I'm sunk..."

I wasn't joking either. December was a month highlighted with friends and family.

The first weekend kicked off with Rob and Kiera hosting a formal cocktail party. As per many of the parties, many shots were had. The trouble here was the fact that 5 of us had kicked off the night at the local Chinese restaurant and had already consumed our fair share of scorpion bowls. Needless to say, trouble ensued, but there were plenty of laughs had by all.
Sunday came early, and Loni, Leah and I were off to Claremont to run in the All Out for Adam 5 Mile trail race in Moody Park. It was to benefit one of the founders of the All Out Mtn Bike weekend who had been diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer. The day was cool and crisp, but the pallet fire kept us warm, at least until the hot ashes melted our clothes.

The Second weekend of the month was a blur. I picked up what some described as a sever case of food poisoning, and what others said was the norovirus. I don't know what it was, but i didn't leave the house, nor was i able to eat ANYTHING for the better part of 5 days. This was very disappointing for me as I missed out on 2 Christmas parties, two birthday parties, and what could have been an epic icy, muddy, December run.

Weekend three was highlighted with Grants 31st birthday party. There was a huge crowd of family and friends. The 5 beers on tap helped! Leah and I managed to get out on the roads again too, logging our first real run together in 12 days.

From Grant's party we rolled right into Loni's Solstice Party where there was a ridiculous amount of ham and wonderful food following a fun hike thru Fox Forest in the dark.

Then Christmas came and went and the group of us got together again for New Years down at Grant's sweet bar.

Exercising promises started, as per usual around new years. This was all a blur, as i'm sure you are aware with all holidays. Hopefully January things slow down. Sherpa's got a streak challenge in mind and I've got two sets of friends on personal fitness goals that I'm going to try to join in with. We'll see how it goes

By The Numbers:

Miles Run:
# of Runs: 13
Average Miles: 3.46

Month Starting Weight: 172 Lbs
Month Ending Weight: 179 Lbs
Weight Change: +7 lbs

Race Results: