Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 - Year in Review - Video

This year has been pretty epic. I don't think I could have stated that enough in my previous post, but after reviewing photos, it just wasn't.

Here's a slide show.

I love you guys. You make my mornings worth getting up, my runs and stories worth telling, and my dreams and goals worth sharing. I don't know what I'd do without you guys. Here's to 2011!!

Listed in order of appearance:

Yours Truely
Sherpa John
Nate & Son
Captain Snooch McMonicle
Grandma and Grandpa Brochu
John Izzo
Rob & Kiera
Leah's coworker at Yellow Taxi
Mike and Adrienne
"Happy Cloud"

Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Events/Race Schedule

22nd - Holidays are Over Party (Fortin's)

29th - Bear Brook Fat Ass

19th - Leah's Luah

26th - Birthday Run (30 on 30) Potential Return of the Hammy Slammy course (Details to follow)

5th - Peak Snowshoe Marathon

19-20th - St Patties Day Bash

1st - Muddy Moose

7th - Wapack and Back??

28-30th - Pineland Farms Running/Camping Weekend

4th - Peak Ultra

17-26 - Return to The Maine Woods

July:8th - Hillsboro Balloon Fest 5k

13-14th - Second Annual Summer BBQ Bash

18th - Pisgah 50k

25th - Vermont 50

8th - Oktoberfest in Hillsboro

9th - Oktoberfest in Windsor

16th - ARL - My dogs are Barking 5k

15th-16th - RANH 2011

5th - GAC's StoneCat Trail Marathon

24th - Turkey Trot

27th - Loni's Birthday Run? (Details to follow)



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Recap - Results

"If you know me, you are well aware that it has been a rough year..."

Was how I started my my 2009 Recap. And as many of you know, 2010 wasn't a cake walk either. The year started with Sherpa and I pushing each other along as we pushed for the longest streak of 1 mile or more days running. His run tapered off as he became extremely busy with school, mine pushed on as a NEEDED escape. My personal journey of trying to buy a home would experience brief peaks of happiness followed by days and days of dark depression as everyone and everything in the system was failing me. I watched my mileage build more than it ever has in the first few months of a year. I spent more miles that any year prior with friends and family by my side. An Ultra a month was John and my goal for one another. We succeeded for most of the year. With Trips to Vermont, Virginia, Tennessee, back to Virginia, Maine, and Vermont in the first 6 months my running travel budget was at it's all time peak. It was by far the best spring, training and running wise of my life.

Unfortunately, buying a home was taking its toll. With failures continuing, and money slipping away, I turned to the bottle to help me escape. Hiding the pain and hurt underneath a BAC of .08 or higher. While running still had a place in my heart and life, cracking a cold one now took higher priority. On warm late spring / early summer nights where I'd enjoy a light jog around the lake, I'd crack 6 or more Coors lights and sulk around the home where i was renting a room. My Pepere' passed away, and while we weren't that close as i got older, i was reminded of the days I'd spend with him as a youth. Dark days those were.

The second half of the year off with a bang as Leah joined me on my annual 4th of July trip to VT. Where we were able to share a 4th of July 5k with my dad and brother. A week later we got a couple of old friends to join us at the Balloon Festival 5k. One doing her first ever race, the other doing his first real run in 3 years. Soon thereafter. I'd disappear into the woods for a week with Dustin and Heather as they continued on their journey to Thru-hike the Long Trail. It was the clarity i left the woods with that I believe helped lead me to my new home. No longer would i try to kick water uphill. It was much easier to just sit back and let this chips fall where they may. I told no one, did nothing, just let the pieces fall into place.

Fall came quickly, and I was able to share the VT50 with new faces, and old. I witnessed a suicide, bought a home, and threw a massive party all in a week. From here the pace slowed drastically. No longer was i constantly scanning documents, dealing with 10 things at work while trying to do my job. My race season dropped off and it was finally time to breath.

All in all, I'd say 2010 was a good year. With any good year/race, it has it's highs and it's lows. You want to quit, you want to just give up and accept your DNF. And at races, I've done this, but in life, man, there's always another day. Always new people to meet, new trails to run on, new mountains to climb, new goals to reach, new lives to touch. And that's the goal for 2011. To expand our little group of Team Robert / Hillsboro Trail Runners outside of our tight knit friend circle.

Here's to sharing many more miles, stories and laughs in 2011!

Notables of 2010:

- Trained more then any year before. (even more than last year!)

- I did more travel for races then any year prior...AGAIN (VA - 2 times, TN - 1)

- Encouraged an old friend to run her first 5k, and got her husband to join

- Started a small little running club on Facebook that has led to us running more and have Event trips in 2011 already planned.

- Got to race by my father’s side 7 times, including the infamous Barkley!

- Raced with my woman in 15 of the 23 times

- Thru-Hiked the Greenway again

- Spent a week on the Long Trail

- Won 2 hockey championships

- Finally ran a Beer Mile

- Was part of two fantastic weddings

- Bought a home!

- Set a couple of PRs & accomplished many of my goals.

Season breakdown
1 Snowshoe Race
6 Trail Races
7 Road Races

9 Ultra’s

Jan 24, 2010 - Hammy Slammy 50k – 6:20

Feb 27, 2010 - No Power, No Problem 50k – 6:40

Mar 6, 2010 - Peak Snowshoe Marathon - 10:15

Mar 20, 2010 – Shamrock 8k – 51:49

Mar 21, 2010 – Shamrock Marathon – 4:30:42

Mar 27-28, 2010 - The Barkley - 1 Loop - 15:39

Apr 18, 2010 - Muddy Moose 14 Miler - 2:58:42

Apr 25, 2010 - Mud Muck Moose - 48:00 +/-

May 15-16, 2010 - Massanutten 100 - 68.7 Miles - 24:00 - DNF

May 29, 2010 - Pineland Farms BF5k - 26:10

May 29, 2010 - Pineland Farms 50k - 6:16:22

June 6, 2010 - Peak Ultra 53 - 16:02
July 4, 2010 - Clarence Demar 5k
- 28:03

July 9, 2010 - Balloon Fest 5k - 43:02

Aug 12, 2010 - Cigna Coorporate 5k - 21:28 (PR!)

Aug 22, 2010 - Moose on the Loose 10M - 43:08 (PR!)

Aug 29, 2010 - Fox 50k - 7:35

Sept 19, 2010 - Pisgah 50k - 6:20:06

Sept 26, 2010 - Vermont 50 - 10:53:15

Oct 10, 2010 - Oktoberfest 3.4 -29:12

Nov 25, 2010 - Turkey Trot 5k - 31:20 +/-

Nov 28, 2010 - Loni's Birthday Run - 6:00 +/-

Dec 5, 2010 - Adam's Run - 39:55

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 Goals - End - Year Update

Well here we are, the end of another year. I gave a mid-year update on my goals back in July, lets see how i did overall: (Text in Italics are mid-year updates)

  • Finish a 100 miler
Updated goal - focus on boosting my mileage for McNaughton 2011 in the spring.

Year End update - Focus on boosting my mileage for the sake of boosting my mileage without the pressure of NEEDING to run a 100 in 2011.
  • PR a 5k (22:02)
With 2 5ks past where I got to run with many of my friends past. And only 1 remaining on Thanksgiving, i don't know if this goal is reasonable any longer either.

Year End Update - This WAS accomplished a short two weeks after writing the update. I'm pleased to say my new 5k PR is 21:28, and i did it by running for fun, with no watch, with no pressure, as a joke, in my five fingers.
  • PR a 50 miler (10:51)
This goal is still very attainable and i'd like to think i'll be able to do so come September at the Vermont 50

Year End Update -I thought i had achieved said PR as i sprinted towards the finish line at the VT50. Sadly the math was wrong in my brain. I crossed the line at 10:53:15, thinking i had made it, but after looking back at my results, 10:52:37 is STILL the mark to beat. And i'm confidant i can do it next go around
  • Read a book a month
I was doing well while there was snow on the ground. Since warm weather has hit it's been pretty pathetic. My only thought is if we get some early snowfall and i can make up for the lost time.

Year End Update - Ha! Well, this was a noble gesture on my part to really boost my reading again. Sadly, it failed miserably. And even now, in December, as daylight continues to dwindle, i find it hard to pick up a book and read. In a new house I constantly find something to work on, something to tinker with, something to clean. Hopefully this is something i can remedy in the coming year.
  • Update my blog bi-weekly including month end updates on miles/fitness levels
Same as the book a month. I WAS doing well, but have kind of fell off the wagon. Ideally helping crew at the VT100 and spending a week in the woods along the LT will help rejuvenate whatever I've been lacking.

Year End Update - I was doing pretty good about this for awhile. I'd have weeks where I'd Que up blogs. Others where i felt that i just didn't' have anything to say. So i didn't force it. I'm happy with the decision to not force things up on here. I'd rather have what's posted be pertinent and fun. I will continue to post month end blogs, it's too fun to NOT document the great times i share with my friends.

  • Run more miles then beers i consume.
  • Run 1300 Miles: (Year - 1300, Month - 108.33 +/- ,Week - 27 +/-)
I figured i could combine these two. So far, i'm ashamed to say that i'm probably only 1:1 for my beer:mile ratio. It's nothing i'm proud of, and it's something I can work on. My goal is slowly slipping away and the mileage debt I'm creating is becoming insurmountable. Here's to a big August and a bigger September with Pisgah and the VT50 in there.

Year End Update - Well this is still a bummer. Not only was i unable to maintain the mileage i was putting down earlier in the year, i didn't even come close. I'd say I HAD a big September, but that was where the track ended. After the Vermont 50 I have barely maintained ANY kind of consistency in running. It's something I will need to change if I hope to have any further success in 2011.

  • Weight Train - 2-3 days a week...
.... I'd like to think that someday I'd find it comfortable to do 100 push ups a day for a month. I'll get there.

Year End Update - Sadly this is another mark that I have missed. Life gets busy, things get busy. I haven't made it something i WANT enough. I'll get there, I'm making baby steps, and when i feel like i have something consistent enough to report on, i will.
  • Thru-Hike the Greenway again. Or join D&H on the LT for a week.
Hurray, ONE goal I've actually accomplished!! I've not only finished my second Thru-Hike of the MS Greenway, when this posts I'll be mid-trip along the Long Trail. I suspect approximately 25 miles south of Killington Vermont. While the hiking hasn't counted in my running miles I'd like to think the time on my feet with a 40lb pack helped a lot at Pittsfield last month. And if i play my cards right I'll be able to carry that residual fitness into Pisgah and Vermont in September.

Year End Update - Piece of cake. The week long excursions into the woods are slowly becoming one of my favorite things to do. It provides me with enough time to unwind and unplug from technology without sacrificing taking care of things at home. I'm hoping to do at least one week a year as a thru-hike adventure. Rumors of the AT section in VT in 2011. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

November Recap

"..If being a solo homeowner is going to limit my running time, or if flying solo is going to give me more time to run..."

Well so far, the results are a bit cloudy. I've had waves of running/exercise linking several days together. And other weeks where i could hardly leave my bed.

The first weekend was a blur with many beers being consumed as my bud Ramon visited for the day while his wife shopped up in Tilton. Sunday we checked out Oktoberfest at Pats Peak, but not before we hiked to the top and played on the WWII Bulldozer and the chairlift

The second weekend bought Dustin and Heather to my home for their second visit. Where we were to perform a dry run on The-Thank-God-The-Holidays-Are-Over Party. As in years past they were to host again, with one twist, this time, it was going to be back in our home state. The homemade pasta and bolognese sauce that Dustin pulled together was pretty epic. And of course, the great food was followed by the annual Bad Santa viewing that resulted in massive amounts of drinking.

The third weekend was finally my chance to get my home gym set up. After acquiring a lightly used treadmill off of Craigslist i got the front bedroom set up for morning work out routines. Now I'll just have to use it more often with the weather turning for the worst.

The 4th week brought Thanksgiving where Leah was to join me on my annual trip to Vermont. Leah would be running her 17th race, and on the one year mark to her first one (details here). I would be running with my pop for the first time since Pisgah and probably the last time of 2010. On black friday we were off to gameday. I got to bring Rummikub which is a childhood favorite of mine and seemed to re-spark a love for the game in Leah's family. Later in the weekend it was Loni's birthday run (details here)

With only Grants birthday run planned in December it's going to be a hard month to stay motivated and keep exercising. With the massive amount of food eaten this past week, several holiday parties, Christmas and New Years on the horizon I think I'm sunk.

By The Numbers:

Miles Run:
# of Runs: 13
Average Miles: 3.46

Month Starting Weight: ? Lbs
Month Ending Weight: 172 Lbs
Weight Change: ? lbs

Race Results:
Turkey Trot - 31:20 +/-
Loni's Birthday Run (approx 13.5 Miles) -
6+ hours

Upcoming December Events:
11th - Grant's Birthday Run

Monday, December 13, 2010

Loni's Birthday Run

The last weekend in November was Loni's Birthday. And just like last year, she scheduled another birthday run. Still nursing a nagging injury sustained in VT at the 50 a few months ago the run went from a 31 miler, to a 31k, to what turned into a 13 mile adventure/beverage run! Here's the slide-show-ish recap.

It was a chilling start when the 4 of headed off up Bog road similar to the route Fox50k route she took us on back in August.

Being a slow pace as we all got up to speed I took the opportunity to run off the road to snap some photos of the frosted over streams.

At the top of "the hill" or the turn around point there is a gem of a home that had this at the end of their driveway.

From the turn around it was back towards the house. Grant and I amused ourselves by doing some splunking in a massive split rock in the marsh adjacent to the road.

Shortly thereafter we took another quick pit stop and had a chance to play "pooh sticks" at a culvert. After losing the first round drastically i decided i just needed a bigger "stick."

We all fell in line with one another again and ran up into and around Emerald Lake where we'd make our first pit stop at my new pad. After giving Grant the quick tour we drank our first couple of beers and shots and snacked on some chips and wasabi almonds. Now slightly rested and a few drinks in it was back to the roads and onward to Loni's place for our second stop. Grant and I had a few more beers and shots while the ladies used the rest room.

From here we decided that we'd finally hit the woods. With the rain/ice from a few days earlier still fresh on the trail the pace increased at times, and slowed at others. It was a ball to be in the woods, but with hunting season in full swing, along with hunting being allowed in Fox we proceeded with caution.

The highlight of the day had to be the massive puddle on Concord End Road at the top. There is ALWAYS a puddle here, we debated back and forth about sliding across it, and wondering if we'd fall thru. Finally Grant went for it, after hearing we only had a few miles remaining.

From 2010-11-28 Loni's-BirthdayRun

From here it was off to our good friend Keith's house where he provided the last shot of the day and celebratory beers and snacks. It was fantastic. All in all we covered approx 14 miles in 6 hours and had several beers and shots.

(The Birthday Girl)

The Full photo album can be found here. Here's to hoping my birthday run is half as fun!