Monday, March 15, 2010

Peak Snowshoe Marathon

Peak Snowshoe Marathon
26 Miles - 10:15 (unofficial)

On the top of Joe's, high Noon, two laps in. And just before i sat by the fire and drank my first beer waiting for Loni and Rik to catch up.

The course was similar to last year. The exception of having us climb through the Labyrinth vs descend. Which i was ok with, gave me a chance to hammer the uphills in my favorite stretch of trail. On trees throughout the course if you are paying attention you'd have found these signs. For some reason rather then writing up a true race report i wanted to write down how each sign seemed fitting for me personally.

~The feelings i got on lap 2 where Rik asked me about how the house was going. My mind filled with rage and I put my head down and proceeded to put a 10 minute lead on in the next 1 mile back to the farm.

~The frustration i felt when i knew that we weren't going to complete the marathon

~The frustration i felt knowing that Loni was not just keeping pace, but catching up. (For the record, this isn't meant as an insult to loni. She's been training hard this spring. But she's also not "training" for one of the toughest 100 milers in the world in under a month either.)

~"Hey Andy, do you think we can do a couple of extra laps?" - Rik earlier in the week before he knew what he was getting himself into

~Ray Zurbis signing up for the 100 miler and dropping out after 6 laps. When i ran with him he said "i didn't really train for this"

~Me showing up without "training" (putting my snowshoes on in 2 month)

~My desire to go further and leave my running partners in the dust rather than helping them push further then they wanted to.

~Not completing the 4 laps in the appropriate time, and rather then running off into the night, just going home.

~Not running at every stretch that i could.

~Not attempting the 100 miler that had a few people out there for two nights

~Sitting down at each aid station waiting for everyone to catch up

~saying to Rik as we fell in line with the women on the single track in the stretchy pants. "Now just ease back and enjoy the view." and his response with a grin of "i may be old, but i ain't stupid"

Rik and I wrapped up our 4 loops (3 official, 1 pre-race) in about 10 hours and 15 minutes. Loni coming in with her 3 official loops about 10 minutes after Rik. I had watched the sun rise from the top of Joe's on our first lap and i knew if i was going to go out for another one, i would have seen it set from the same spot. I just didn't have it in me. That and i knew Loni would be standing by the fire for another two hours and then into the darkness.

After thanking Andy who had gotten into a fight with the garage door earlier in the day we promised to return in June to run again.

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