Thursday, March 18, 2010


Yesterday I needed to do my mile. I put on my shoes, walked out the front door. It was sunny. I had every intention of running a few miles in the afternoon warmth. I turned to my left, there was a cooler full of beer left over from the party over the weekend. On my right was my truck, and within was a list of things that i needed to accomplish before we leave tonight to head to VA Beach to run the Shamrock Marathon.

I walked down the driveway, looked down the road, turned back around and walked back to the cooler. Promptly popped a beer, and took care of my truck. 63 days the streak lasted. Was it fun? Am i glad it's over? At times and yes. The last few weeks where i finally gave up on the house, told everyone to eat one and am still going through the process of getting what money i have invested back. Throwing my St Pats party. Putting in OT at work. Playing hockey two nights a week. Prepping for this trip. Prepping for NEXT weekend's trip that's even further away. Off to Vermont the following to weekends for Easter & RJ's bachelor party. Something had to give.

For a while i was using my mile(s) as an escape. But after awhile it became a chore. The last 7 days were actually dreadful. I'd lost my spark. The sun's been out more, i see more runners on the roads every day, but i never once had the desire to go outside and run. I used to put on my shoes, with a big grin and pass the miles. At day 24 i was thrilled to be out there. I was watching my mileage climb. All seemed well. Now? Who knows, maybe I'm dealing with a small bout of depression. All i know is that the streak needed to end. It was starting to own me and was turning something that i once approached as fun and an escape into a daunting task. Am i going to stop running completely? Of course not, but i'm going to take a day off here and there and NOT feel guilty about it. Will i put together another streak? Sure, at some point. The challenge of it was fun. In the meantime. I'm going to enjoy the miles i do run for what they are, not for the sake of a streak.

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