Tuesday, December 14, 2010

November Recap

"..If being a solo homeowner is going to limit my running time, or if flying solo is going to give me more time to run..."

Well so far, the results are a bit cloudy. I've had waves of running/exercise linking several days together. And other weeks where i could hardly leave my bed.

The first weekend was a blur with many beers being consumed as my bud Ramon visited for the day while his wife shopped up in Tilton. Sunday we checked out Oktoberfest at Pats Peak, but not before we hiked to the top and played on the WWII Bulldozer and the chairlift

The second weekend bought Dustin and Heather to my home for their second visit. Where we were to perform a dry run on The-Thank-God-The-Holidays-Are-Over Party. As in years past they were to host again, with one twist, this time, it was going to be back in our home state. The homemade pasta and bolognese sauce that Dustin pulled together was pretty epic. And of course, the great food was followed by the annual Bad Santa viewing that resulted in massive amounts of drinking.

The third weekend was finally my chance to get my home gym set up. After acquiring a lightly used treadmill off of Craigslist i got the front bedroom set up for morning work out routines. Now I'll just have to use it more often with the weather turning for the worst.

The 4th week brought Thanksgiving where Leah was to join me on my annual trip to Vermont. Leah would be running her 17th race, and on the one year mark to her first one (details here). I would be running with my pop for the first time since Pisgah and probably the last time of 2010. On black friday we were off to gameday. I got to bring Rummikub which is a childhood favorite of mine and seemed to re-spark a love for the game in Leah's family. Later in the weekend it was Loni's birthday run (details here)

With only Grants birthday run planned in December it's going to be a hard month to stay motivated and keep exercising. With the massive amount of food eaten this past week, several holiday parties, Christmas and New Years on the horizon I think I'm sunk.

By The Numbers:

Miles Run:
# of Runs: 13
Average Miles: 3.46

Month Starting Weight: ? Lbs
Month Ending Weight: 172 Lbs
Weight Change: ? lbs

Race Results:
Turkey Trot - 31:20 +/-
Loni's Birthday Run (approx 13.5 Miles) -
6+ hours

Upcoming December Events:
11th - Grant's Birthday Run

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