Monday, December 13, 2010

Loni's Birthday Run

The last weekend in November was Loni's Birthday. And just like last year, she scheduled another birthday run. Still nursing a nagging injury sustained in VT at the 50 a few months ago the run went from a 31 miler, to a 31k, to what turned into a 13 mile adventure/beverage run! Here's the slide-show-ish recap.

It was a chilling start when the 4 of headed off up Bog road similar to the route Fox50k route she took us on back in August.

Being a slow pace as we all got up to speed I took the opportunity to run off the road to snap some photos of the frosted over streams.

At the top of "the hill" or the turn around point there is a gem of a home that had this at the end of their driveway.

From the turn around it was back towards the house. Grant and I amused ourselves by doing some splunking in a massive split rock in the marsh adjacent to the road.

Shortly thereafter we took another quick pit stop and had a chance to play "pooh sticks" at a culvert. After losing the first round drastically i decided i just needed a bigger "stick."

We all fell in line with one another again and ran up into and around Emerald Lake where we'd make our first pit stop at my new pad. After giving Grant the quick tour we drank our first couple of beers and shots and snacked on some chips and wasabi almonds. Now slightly rested and a few drinks in it was back to the roads and onward to Loni's place for our second stop. Grant and I had a few more beers and shots while the ladies used the rest room.

From here we decided that we'd finally hit the woods. With the rain/ice from a few days earlier still fresh on the trail the pace increased at times, and slowed at others. It was a ball to be in the woods, but with hunting season in full swing, along with hunting being allowed in Fox we proceeded with caution.

The highlight of the day had to be the massive puddle on Concord End Road at the top. There is ALWAYS a puddle here, we debated back and forth about sliding across it, and wondering if we'd fall thru. Finally Grant went for it, after hearing we only had a few miles remaining.

From 2010-11-28 Loni's-BirthdayRun

From here it was off to our good friend Keith's house where he provided the last shot of the day and celebratory beers and snacks. It was fantastic. All in all we covered approx 14 miles in 6 hours and had several beers and shots.

(The Birthday Girl)

The Full photo album can be found here. Here's to hoping my birthday run is half as fun!