Thursday, November 18, 2010


Yeah i said it, Politics.

So here we are, a week after elections. People are still riled up about how the Republicans took back SOME of the power in our government. I have a questions to ask you all.

I want to know HOW it's a problem that we have some kind of a split government?
I'm tired of soft headed liberals (no, not all of them, but just the soft headed ones) saying that this is a travesty and the country is screwed. And I'm equally as tired of the super conservatives saying this isn't enough and that Obama is a Muslim terrorist.

Maybe with balance we'll have less bridges to nowhere. Or better yet, less of this worthless spending that I'm sure you've been exposed to incessantly.
That stupid sign costs $500 a pop. Is that really necessary if your POINT is to do the work? We're all broke, we know where the money to build the road is coming from. Based on the shoty work and all of the idiots standing around on their 10th break of the day, we know it's not china. Only good old American state workers put in that kinda effort. We all know holding that slow/stop sign is a real bitch.

How about this little gem.

6 FIGURES?! The household income in the country is 50 thousand. Look at those stats, do we REALLY need that many more government jobs? Where it's impossible to terminate people and they are collecting massive pensions?

Meanwhile, in the real world where THINGS MATTER. We pay our teachers crap, which you know, are then doing a crappier job teaching in the obvious poor conditions. Which in tern, makes those children that people keep pumping out at a record pace more and more dumb. You know, those kids that you are all up in arms about 90% of the time when something is happening.

"But what about the children? WE'VE GOTTA PROTECT THE CHILDREN! Waahhhhhh!"

God for bid we do ANYTHING without worrying about the children. Are you living in a neighborhood with pedophiles? Oh stay away from him Timmy, according to this website he's a child predator because he kissed a girl when he was 18 and she was 17. But we don't care, he's a predator and will need to register wherever he moves now because people are full of fear.

Look, balance is good. If for any reason at all, It's to have the government accomplish NOTHING. After working directly with DOTs for the better part of a decade. Nothing they do is good. At least if there is balance they can just throw mud at each other, blindly vote party line, and forget about the big picture of WHAT'S GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY!

Bottom Line:
~Both sides are corrupt. If you blindly vote party line, kill yourself.
~Forget pissing and moaning on your social network, or linking to some super right or super left column cause you agree complete. It only makes you less credible and ever hate you a little more. ~And get outside and run
(literally) while we still can

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