Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Barkley Report

1 Lap, 1 amazing adventure

You know, I've thought about writing this up kind of like Sherpa had, and describing the course and the run itself. This race just has a air of mystery to it and I'm going to keep it that way but simply posting the notes i jotted down and the great quotes that still crack me up. If you are lucky and catch me on a good night perhaps I'll share the full stories with you too. Otherwise, i suggest you send in your application, bring a license plate, and see it all for yourself.

black couple with the sequin covered jackets and the truckers with the rebel flag hats
The freecreditreport(dot)com phone call
John's Brother's Follies
Smiley's Fuel City - Cigarettes, Soda's, & Showers
creepy 4' tall "sex" dolls
"Hi Boys, how yall doing"
lady with the "muffin top" on her shoe
"i'd like 5 five-pieces nuggets"

"Ah, Sheppard John"
" was Jesus, that's a good thing" *awkward silence*
"'that cat is sleeping'. ' Rik, that cat was not asleep!'"
Meth-Lab explosion houses
Churches ever 1/4 mile
The Cleanest Walmart ever (i.e. Bizzaro Walmart)
Best Subway ever, "Josh, look at this guy make that sandwich. IT LOOKS JUST LIKE THE BILLBOARD!"
No Cruising sign
Jesus Saves Motors
"Frozen Ed" - Sweet tights "i wear these to keep me awake"
"What are you thinking son?....'i'm thinkin' Arby's"
"Catholic church?!? Rik, you brought your kid to Barkley and then left him 1/2 way out there and he made it out alive. I think that's gotta be close enough."

It WAS in fact an incredible adventure. The amazing highs i felt at times out there, the fearful lows. The impressive climbs, the wonderful scenery. I'd love to go back. We'll see if that every plays into the cards again.

I could add so much more, but as the old proverb says, a picture is worth 1000 words. That means a 7 minute video has to equal a book right?


"Sherpa" John Lacroix said...

Hot damn son! Thats a mighty fine piece of work ya got there!

Martin Philip said...

Well done man. What an event.
Best to you and your dad, maybe I'll see you guys at Wapack or at Pisgah again?
Martin from WRJ, VT

Josh said...

How could i have forgotten the classic. I'll post more classic quotes as i think of them;
"I'm fixin' to plug this bitch up"

I'll be at Wapack i think. My roommate is running in the race. I figured I'm just going to run on some of the trail. I try to train on the Packs when i get a chance anyways.

Worse case I'll be back at Pisgah. Can't miss that one, it's just tradition at this point.

Martin Philip said...

After Barclay everything else should feel like a Spa day right?
I'll look for you at Wapack if I can get down there.
Good Luck!

Martin Philip said...

Turns out I'm stuck here celebrating the BDAY of my youngest. Will get out on the AT for a big one in the a.m.
Maybe I'll see you guys at Pineland?