Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I can never match what John Posted on his blog, but i can post my notes i wrote to myself and link his very descriptive blog so here goes.

John's blog

Here are the notes from my journey:

“Two tampons are walking down the street together, but neither of them says anything”

“John’s been kicking my ass up all of the hills”

“Nate's been bitching about all of the hills”

Run through Hillsboro

“Lets walk ahead, my feet hurt, I’m going to go ahead and get them taken care of in Henniker”

My 4 mile day becomes 10

Amey Brook, wow we misjudged that

I-89 Transition and decoration


Steve from NHPR

New Shoes = Bad plan, come back for me

“Are we going to make it to Concord in time?”

8:45 Arrival

Soup and festivities

“Nate might drop; he was in tears of pain the last few miles”

Loni and I alone crewing now

The decision and the march out of sight

Shaw’s and the call

Running into the darkness with John

Struggling with Shorts Liner

Onto Route 4, spirits high

White Tail Deer

WENDY’S ISN’T OPEN! I really wanted a sandwich

A dollar tip from Dunks

Try bag Balm

Holy shit it’s getting cold

3 Miles at a time, picking it apart

John you’ve come so far, why aren’t you happy? “My fucking feet hurt”

Power Naps

Long Quiet Climbs

Colder yet

4am, “john, remember how I was positive earlier, yeah well it’s gone” - “I knew you had it in your”

Chicken soup

Help Yourself Bate – 24 Hours Sign

White tail deer again

Walking the White line & fighting sleep “running”

“Hey John, you’ve decided that this is stupid, but I have a question. At this point, which one of us is more stupid, me or you?” - “Oh defiantly you. “ “Thanks, I thought so but I needed a second opinion”

The Run touching all 6 New England states

It’s getting light out man, we’re closing in

99 miles. Enter John’s mom. And Sarah returns. I’ve run 30 through the night. It’s daybreak. I’m tapping out, back to crewing. John in good spirits with classmates and newly deflowered ultra virgin Steve at his side

114 Miles, “you know if you run the last 10 miles with him you’ll have a 50 on the day.” “Shit, you are right.” Back into the mix.

"Are you John’s Brother?"

10 Miles to go, 10-12 people in tow now. WMUR, reporters on the phone, trying to keep up with now-speedy John. John’s friends going through the highs and lows of distance running.

Closing in, everyone happy, laughter. Last stretch, more runners join. John’s celebration and then run into the ocean. Hugs (from make a wish little girl, I must look more like John then anyone thought), tears, photos and interviews. Emotional highs and proud to have assisted on something so epic.

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