Wednesday, September 1, 2010

LT Day 5-6 - Parting ways

Brewery - Inn at Long Trail - Gifford Woods - Inn at Long Trail - Rutland - Inn at Long Trail (0 Hiked Miles)

While some of these events happened on day 5, they weren't really trail related, but just had to be documented because of how things change from on to off the trail. With all of the conveniences and technology you have off the trail, things aren't always as simple as we believe they are.

Wink and Salene, Dustin Heather and I arrive at the very empty Long Trail Brewery. Normally we visit this establishment on the weekends where it's packed. Not a sunny summer Wednesday afternoon where there had to be 6 other people there. We sit in the sun, reminisce about the day and enjoy massive amounts of non dehydrated food.

Heather Calls Gifford State Park to make sure they have sites available. I was concerned because the after the AT diverts from the LT it goes straight through the camp and i figure it might be packed. We are told there are plenty of site available so after finishing our dinner we head back to the Inn to meet up with Jason. After seeing the "No dogs allowed" sign we head down the hill with Wink to leave a note at the trail head. Then we head back up to the to the in for a beer to help with Wink stressing. While sitting at the bar, Trail Magic makes a huge deposit of candy and fruit which Heather quickly grabs some candy bars from. Jason arrives shortly there after and they decide they are going to stay at the inn rather then camp with us.

So the travelers 3 head back down the hill to get some cash/supplies for the campground. nothing is open, not even the campground is open, we leave a deposit for the site and head into the grounds. set up tents and get things laid out. Storms coming in, i figure we better get the fire roaring so Clothespin and I get to work and get a massive fire going. Then the skies open and it pours and blows, we huddle under my 4x8 tarp like weirdos but we're happy to have the warmth of the fire. Inchworm decides to check on his tarp-tent to see how it's fairing the storm. Bad call, the tent had collapsed and was a pool of water.

After making some adjustments and hammering stakes in, it pulled up elsewhere and fell into itself again. "It's all @#$#$ed" said a now enraged Inchworm. Clothespin and I were feeling the beers and looking at the situation, it was just funny. There was nothing else to do but laugh. Everything should have been easy tonight, instead, it was an EPIC fail. With one last burst of rage Inchworm grabbed the tent and gave it a mighty throw. scattering pieces, stakes, and gear. we stuffed as much into the back seat of the truck as possible trying to keep things dry. A phone call and 20 minutes later, we were back at the Inn. Inchworm feeling badly decided to just call it a night after laying gear out on the furniture while Clothespin and I closed down the bar, then after discovering we had a fireplace, and and endless supply of wood in the wood shed, proceeded to make a fire that had to get the room up to 85*

Around 1-2am after looking at my phone i said, we gotta go to bed, i wanna go to breakfast in the morning. At breakfast we meet up with Killington Krew again, this time not stoned (a rareity) and embarrassed because their mom's were there delivering goods, etc. After breakfast we head out and head to Rutland for supplies to see Wink and Salene out in the grass again. It was nice to see them one last time before we all went our own direction.

As we drive into Rutland it was crazy. The pace of the drivers, the pace of the people, the pace of everyone on their cell phones. It was like being on another planet after being in the woods for a week. Even in Bridgewater and Killinton it seemed like things closed down, here in a populated area, consumerism was roaring. As we pulled into the mall parking lot, the kid in me took over and i proceeded to bomb my truck through a puddle. Unknowingly getting Dustin and Heather wet in the passenger seat.

As we walk through the JCPenny i made a b-line for the store directory where Dustin and I disagreed on where the EMS was. Meanwhile Heather asked the old hag that worked at JCP where the EMS was and got the knowledgabe responce of, "EMS? that went out of business."

An hour later, we left EMS with a New Filter, New Drops, New Socks, New Fuel, New Boots.
Back at the Inn i made sure they were set at their "upgraded" room, and with the gear sorted we parted ways with hopes to see one another out on the trail before the journey ends.

One Hell of a journey. I'm still bummed i wasn't able to continue. When/if a hike report is posted by them I will link the rest of the trip here. It was a trip i will never forget and I'm sure they won't either.

Footnote: Wink, Salene, the Yard of Beef guys, and Dustin and Heather all finished together on Sunday August 15th. 273 Miles, 25 Days.

Quote of the Day
"Burn that fucking pillow because this place fucking sucks"

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