Wednesday, October 6, 2010

September Recap

"Last month i said it was going to be slow, this month, the complete opposite. Some Travel to Vermont, a wedding, a brew festival, ideally a PR at Pisgah, and if the stars align there will be a Team Robert relay team at VT50!"

The month started out with my annual trip up to Vermont to catch up with family and friends. Mostly it's the last time i see my snowbird grandparents before they head back to Florida. The weekend was fantastic. I caught up with a few old friends (Jackie and Jason) who i hadn't seen in 5 and 3 years respectively. Played a lot of cards with my Grandparents. Visited the Champlain Valley Fair. Got to kayak with my two aunts and uncle around Kellogg Island. And between Keith, Ramon, and I, i think we drank 40 something beers, stayed up until the sunrise and played PlayStation like foolish teenagers. If anything it was good training to be awake all of those hours for the upcoming RANH adventure.

On the second weekend of the month I got to attend my 3rd wedding of the year. Leah's cousin Alyssa was getting married at a beautiful winery in Sandown NH. The ceremony was great. In a quaint little gazebo overlooking a small field of grapes. The woodwork inside the building was breathtaking. Between the wine and food, and the short bit of dancing i was conned into, it couldn't have been more fun.

Sunday we were off to the Patriots kick-off party at Kiera and Rob's, where i again gorged myself on a stupid amount of food. I can't say I'd ever seen a subway 6 FOOT sub in person, but the handful of us that attended certainly put a large dent in it. Another day of good food, good friends, and good beer. The Pats won right? You can see how much i pay attention to football.

The 3rd weekend kicked off with a trip to the first annual Claremont Brew Festival. Where we all proceeded to drink our share of beer tickets away. Some of us getting magically getting more tickets then others. Rob i believe was photographed at least 20 times. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Sunny, warm, perhaps too much of both of those things. I got burned to a crisp and now two weeks later I've finally stopped peeling.

Sunday was a return trip to Pisgah State Park in Chesterfield New Hampshire. My 7th race there and for the 2nd time in the last 4 years Grant joined me. Race Report Here

Fresh from Pisgah the Hood Park Hockey League's playoffs where my team (Team USA) was the first seed on Thursday night. After a struggling start to the upstart 5th seed team in the first half of game one, we were able to turn things around. Proceeding to the finals and then eventually hoisting the cup. (My 2nd Cup in 3 seasons)

This is where things turn to a blur. mere hours after hoisting the cup i found myself loading a U-Haul truck down in Andover, MA. My good friends Dustin and Heather were finally escaping the prison of Massachusetts after serving a 5 year term and returning to their (and my) birth state of Vermont. After getting in and out of the office for a half a day It was my turn to start packing as much as possible for the Vermont 50.

Once in Vermont it was a short stop off to help the last of the unpacking at Dustin and Heather's new spot in Stockbridge. Which is now going to be my home away from home during the Peak runs as it's 10 minutes TOPS from Aimee Farm. The group of us was off to the Long Trail brewing company for my annual pre-race lunch.

Sunday most of the gang too part of the Vermont 50. Details of that here!

Oktoberfest is just around the corner! One of my annual staples. Where there will be a ton of food, a ton of beer, and perhaps this year, a new venue.

By The Numbers:

Miles Run:
# of Runs: 12
Average Miles: 10.3

Month Starting Weight: 169 Lbs
Month Ending Weight: 171Lbs
Weight Change: +2 lbs

Race Results:
Pisgah 50k - 6:20:06
Vermont 50 Miler
- 10:53:15

Upcoming October Events:
Oktoberfest Road Race (3.6M)
Sullivan Expedition

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