Sunday, April 10, 2011

March Recap

Week - 1
The first weekend of March had a group of us up at the Peak Snowshoe Marathon.  Sherpa John had already been on the trail for hours before we had left the comfort of our own homes.  After kidnapping him from the trails overnight. He returned with us to the start.  Rik and Steve were a surprise late entry. It was great to see the whole gang again.  Race Recap here:

(The Gang pre-race)

Week - 2

With the Mini-Barkley in Fox coming up in April Leah Loni and I were into the woods and off trail doing some scouting for neat spots to lead people.  Mandiee and Greg joined us for some snowshoeing before learning the ways of the Aubin (Leah) Margarita's.  A good lesson to learn for the upcoming Cinco-De-Mile Run (Details to follow). 

(Dancing on the Coffee Table?  Yes, alcohol was involved)
Week - 3 
Week 3 had me hosting my 9th annual St Patties day bash.  Years ago, a 3 person affair and a reason for me to cook corned beef has turned into a tradition and a way for many of us to catch up with our old college buddies.  I think the grand total this year was 16.8lbs of corned beef, 5lbs of potatoes, and 2lbs of onions.  And that doesn't include what everyone else contributed. 

(I believe we had a 15 person car-bomb race at one point)

Week - 4
With a week to go to Mini-Barkley in Fox the last of the scouting happened.  Along with the actual placement of the books and writing of the clues.   Sunday in Manchester was the Shamrock Shuffle.  A two mile race to be held before the Parade.  With a long list of shwag, thanks to the Harpoon sponsorship and the promise of free beer to the finisher lead to a pretty size-able turn out. Keira, in the red vest in the photo below was to run her first race ever.  Greg, in the blue fleece, ran the whole distance without walking for the first time.  It was quite a day of firsts.  Also, the Team Robert shirts were a hit post race at the pub.

(The gang in front of Murphy's pre-race)

By The Numbers(2010 Numbers in Quotes):
Miles Run: 70.7
# of Runs:  14 (20)
Average Miles:  5.1 (5.2)

Month Starting Weight: 175(175) Lbs
Month Ending Weight: 175(170)Lbs
Weight Change: 0 lbs

Race Results:

Peak Snowshoe Marathon -5:55:05 - 20+/- Miles (3laps)
Shamrock Shuffle -23:39

Motivational video of the month:
The Human Machine - David Goggins

Song of the month:
Great Big Sea - Lukey
As a tribute to St Patties day,  here's one of my favorite Irish tunes

Book of the month:
Tales From Out There
A Nod to the upcoming 2011 running of The Barkley Marathons.  What an amazing adventure.  Probably one of my proudest moments as a runner/hiker.

Upcoming April Events:
2nd - Mini-Barkley in Fox Forest
9th - EMS Run for Socks

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