Tuesday, July 26, 2011

June Recap

Week - 1
The First week in June was preparation for the Peak Ultra on Saturday.  It was an amazing time on the trails and was great to catch up and run with Vic and Loni.  I helped drag both of them to faster times then the year prior when i bailed on the 50 Miler.  (Full race report to follow)
Sunday was Leah's birthday, and, just like last year, her family provided a pretty darn amazing time.  Lots of food at the BBQ and even some times out on the boats.  Also i learned that i'm pretty darn good at corn-holing....the GAME that is. 
(Julie, Loni and I pre-run)

Week - 2
Still recovering from Peak the weekend prior a small group of us did a Fox Forest Run.  Loni lead us up and down the Ancient and Bike Trails that will be featured as part of the July and August's 50k she puts on.  It was a nice final run before the packing really commenced.  We skipped out on the Lafayette hike that was planned as we were all stressed about our Friday morning departure back into the deep woods of Maine. 

Week - 3 & Week - 4
Return to the Maine Woods!  The gang packed up our cars and took to Moosehead Lake and Baxter State park for the final two accents of Mount Katahdin.  The weather held out for most of the week and it was a pretty amazing trip as a whole.  After a 3 year hiatus it was really nice and peaceful to be back on the lake.
(Full Hike Report to follow)
(The Gang at the Summit)

By The Numbers(2010 Numbers in Quotes):
Miles Run: 53.5 (75.4)
# of Runs: 6 (11)
Average Miles:  8.91 (6.85)

Month Starting Weight:  175 (172) Lbs
Month Ending Weight: 176 (168)Lbs
Weight Change:  +1 lbs

Race Results:
5th - Peak Ultra 50k - 9:13:55

Motivational video of the month:
Song of the month:
Waka Waka- Shakira
One year removed from the World Cup this song still gets my feet moving on the trails or treadmill

Book of the month:
Tales from the Edge of the Woods
Okay, Lets Try It Again
If anyone has ever caught the program "Windows to the Wild" on NHPTV or heard his voice on VPR Willem Lange's books are a wonderful read.
"If you live here by choice, you pay your dues, take what you can get, and endure what you have to. It's well worth it." 

Upcoming July Events:
Hillsboro Balloon Fest 5k - 

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