Wednesday, September 28, 2011

August Recap

Week - 1
Our schedules jam packed during the week, so when our plan to escape up to Maine for the weekend went awry we decided to make the best of our local destinations.   Saturday was spent Blueberry Picking at a spot in Weare that i drive by every day, but hardly make a note of visiting.  Leah would shake her head in amazement at the amount of berries i'd eat vs put into the bucket.  Needless to say i was very full once we left.  On the ride home we stopped in at Pats Peak to give the course another shot.   Unfortunately with minimal training and the terrain being as pitched as it is, we'd yet again have to cut the lap short.  A few beers and some icepacks later we decided a nice long run in Fox Forest on Sunday would have to be in order to make up for cutting Saturday's run short.  Loni had been out running the trails earlier in the day and left us a nice message 3/4 of the way through our 10 miler
(Loni left us a Sherpa John message)

Week - 2
After last year's successful First Annual Summer BBQ I had decided to throw it again.  Mostly as an excuse to cook a stupid amount of pork and have our quarterly catch up with many of my friends that i don't see that often. I had both sides of the grill rolling.  The smoker filled with two massive pork shoulders and 3 racks of ribs.  And the grill had a dozen ears of corn and enough zucchini to make a vegan proud.  When you bring any number of my friends together inevitably someone will say, "Hey, lets do shots."

(Another party, another round of Car Bombs)

Week - 3
We spent most of the middle part of the month out on the Long Trail.  Between last week's party and next week's fat ass it would be a much needed get away and recharge.  Or at least that's what i had hoped it would have been.  Hike Recap here

(A nice morning on the LT)

Week 4
Thursday night before Fox Forest FatAss V2 I got a message from my father.  Turns out he'd be down in the area on Friday and I convinced him that he should spend the night and run some of the FA with us.  He hesitated a bit at first saying that he'd hardly run a step since the Peak Snowshoe back in March, but decided to run the first 10 miles with us.   The run went off without a hitch, unfortunately it wasn't without incident.  He ended up locking his keys in his car and had to break out a window to get in.  Guess the running gods weren't pleased that he would depart before the end.

In honor of Hurricane Irene that was to hit us the following day Loni had mapped out the course to run down Hurricane road, a road that was created in the wake of a 1936 hurricane that came through hillsboro.  Of all of the time i've been in the area and run the trails i had never run Hurricane road from end to end.  And of course, our post run beverage of choice...the hurricane! 
(Even I can do this math)

By The Numbers(2010 Numbers in Quotes):
Miles Run: 49.4 (108.5)
# of Runs: 7 (22)
Average Miles:  7.1 (4.9)

Month Starting Weight:  165 (169) Lbs
Month Ending Weight: 172 (169)Lbs
Weight Change:  +7 lbs

Race Results:
Fox Forest Fat Ass Vol 2 - 7:35

Motivational video of the month:
Song of the month:

Book of the month:

Upcoming September Events:
Pisgah 50k
Vermont 50M

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