Friday, October 14, 2011

We're Live!!!

So today (10-14-11) Leah and I ventured up to Laconia to be part of the FreeBeerandHotWings at the Pitmans frieght room.  The 3:30 am alarm was rough, but being part of the show was awesome.  I've been a listener/fan of the show for the better part of the 6 years they've been on the air on The Hawk.  Leah was hooked after crewing for me one year at the VT50 and the only thing i had was a podcast on my stereo.  So when the email came out for the live show, off we went.  The event was BYOB and after a few hours a live woman's forum was announced, and with little coaxing Leah took the microphone.  

The beat up wasn't over when later in the show during the "What have i learned today" segment, we came up again.  We were a call back, our 15 minutes of fame wasn't over :)

All in all it was an awesome show.  I can't wait for them to return to the area, even though they killed the hell out of my stupid facial hair and my lack of commitment ability.

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