Monday, October 8, 2012

4Leaf - he's kind of a big deal

So I’ve tried to let this go, but I’m still beaming like a proud parent. Yesterday, while our group was running our 9th time at the 10th annual Harpoon Octoberfest Road Race in Windsor Vermont something caught my eye. It was a familiar character. No, not a person exactly, but a fuzzy grey fella doing a dance on the back of someone's shirt. 

I double take, then triple take. Then I ask Leah if I’m seeing things. Nope. Two complete strangers from Team J&A has found my oktoberfest running logo featuring 4Leaf and has done some fancy cut and paste and have made it into their running shirts for the day.

I catch up to the runners doing the race and play coy for a bit. "Hey that's a nice logo there, where'd you find that?" The guy says it was something his wife put together and that, "it must have been on the harpoon website." She is focused on the run and is lost in ear-bud land. I'm falling behind the rest of our group so I race ahead and decide I’ll track them down after the finish. After the race I find out that Loni and a few other of our runners have said "Hey I know the guy that drew that!" to them.

Poor woman, she told me that she thought she was going to get in trouble for some kind of copyright infringement after the run. I laugh and say, "of course not. I'm just amazed that you thought my art was good enough to put on your shirts!"  "I was searching Google and this was by far the cutest one" she proclaims. I tell her I’m flattered and wish them well. I kind of wish i had spent more time talking to them and finding out who Team J&K is but 3 of our group were still running and half of our group was watching intently for them in the finish line chute.

If the couple ever finds this post.  Thank you for making my day.
p.s. next time, email me and I can send you a higher resolution graphic

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