Monday, April 27, 2009

2009 Ultra Preview

Peak Snowshoe 50 - DONE! Success!
Whale Challenge - DONE! Success!

Massanutten 100
Goal – Survive? (ok ok, i'd love to leave VA with a Buckle)
From what I've heard from my father(3 time finisher). What I've read on John's blog. And from what I've watched from the MMT DVD. I'd be happy to walk lifelessly over the finish line in 35:59:59. I think with "hell week" behind me. I might stand a chance. It's going to be one hell of a battle with my soul to will myself to keep moving forward when the times get tough.

Peak 50
Goal – Sub 14 hrs
It could have been achieved last year if my dad hadn't been horribly dehydrated mid-Blood Root Loop. This year we're going to hit it stronger and faster. Hopefully better prepared, both physically and gear wise.

Vermont 100
Goal - Buckle
After DNF-ing here last year I’ve got something to prove. This was where my season turned for the worse last year. My finishes and heart from here on out were pretty lackluster in 08. My father who has DNF’d here 3 times in a row now hopes to improve his recent streak of bad luck. Best case scenario i buckle, but i'd be happy to leave VT with a plaque if needed.

I’m taking the month of to consume copious amounts of celebratory alcohol from earning my two buckles thus far. *crossing fingers*

Pisgah 50k
Goal – 6:04:41
Will be my 8th time running the course. It never gets easier but i'm going to have more miles under my belt then any year prior. And perhaps with dryer weather i can set a new distance PR.

Vermont 50Miler – 10:30 (or sub 12)
My 10th year. Where i lost my ultra-virginity. This race means so much to me. Many memories camping in the parking lot, hobbling through the wonderful fall country side, counting the bike parts scattered along the trails. My goal is sub 10:30 because well....that'd be a PR so why not? The only way that perhaps will change is if i can get Loni to try to run her first 50 miler. If thats the case, i plan on finishing it by her side.

Run Across the State - ???
We shall see what the Running Gods have in store for me, but after putting in 50 miles with John last year i think i'd enjoy to log a few more out there. Try to take in a bit more of the state on foot.

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