Sunday, July 18, 2010

June Recap

The month started out with yet another Ultra. My 3rd trip to Pittsfield for the Peaks 54 Miler. It was a standard crazy Vermont day. A day that provided thunderstorms, clouds, sun, heat, humidity, and finally after the sun went down, coolness. Steven joined in for the last 16 miles and Rik and I crossed the finish line for our 3rd consecutive finish in a row.
(Team Robert Post Race)

The second weekend had the Hillsboro Trail Runners hosting the first "Beer Mile." Where the object of the task is to drink four beers and run four 1/4 miles the fastest. It was pretty fun. 6 starters, and 4 finishers, and only i had to do the puke penalty lap. Another one is planned for the near future.
(Beer Mile Pre-Race)

The same weekend my lovely girl's extremely loving family threw her an epic Birthday Party. Band, food, dancing, dress up, it was pretty crazy. I'm not at all surprised why she's the way she is with the family that she has surrounding her.

The 3rd weekend featured my good friend Sherpa John's wedding in Plymouth Vermont. It was an amazing wedding. Great location, great people, and he couldn't have found a better woman. It was an honor to be part of it. Hell i even got to play the part of the cowboy in the recently revived Village People Tour

And in the last weekend of the month i was able to get back out on the trails with a pack. Dustin, Heather, Leah and I decided that they'd join me on finishing up the MS Greenway that i had to depart early from earlier this year. The weather held out for the most part, they were able to work out the kinks for their upcoming Long Trail hike and we got to spend two amazing days on the trails.

Looking forward to July i've got a really light month planned. A few 5ks here and there, helping out at the Vermont 100, then I get to join up with Dustin and Heather a week into their Thru Hike on the Long Trail. Lots of stories in the making i hope.

~catch ya on the trails~

Book List:

I don't even know why i have this in here anymore. I just really have a hard time reading in the summertime. Perhaps this section will return when things slow down again.

By The Numbers:
Miles Run: 75.4

# of Runs: 11
Average Miles: 6.85

Month Starting Weight: 172 Lbs
Month Ending Weight: 168 Lbs
Weight Change: -4lbs

Race Results:
Peak 54 - 16:02

Upcoming July Events:
Clarance Demar 5k
Hillsboro Balloon Fest 5k

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