Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pineland Farms Barefoot 5k -RR

Saturday May 29th 2010

(The Gang right before Heather starts the 10k)

(Grant and I at the start)

Grant and I were both a bit nervous at the start. Him because he doesn't want to be injured for the bigger task at hand (the 50k tomorrow). And what nerves i have are because i haven't run a 5k in my Vibrams since there was 8" of snow on the ground.

The RD says something, but there is too much clatter and with a ring of the cow bell we are off. I laugh and say how funny the sound of us running across the pavement. Normally at the start of this race you hear the clomp clomp of shoes and then the rumbled of impact as we get onto the trail. Now with the group barefoot, you only hear a slight patter and huffing and puffing.

Having the training base of running barefoot Grant immediately takes off, weaving in and out of people. I try to just keep him in eye sight quickly shooting past people and then falling in stride with them. I hear a shout and look below to see Leah coming back from the turn around on her 5k. Trying to keep up with Grant had become harder then i had expected as i huff and puff into the first water stop. His training has been focused on shorter distances and at a much faster pace. I gulp down what i can and pour the rest on my head and past a few more bare footers before catching up on the next climb.

The course turns and runs along the contour of the field, some grass, some rocks. Grant gets startled by a rock that had been kicked over and snuck up on him in the grass. "I don't know which is worse, running on the rocks or in the soft grass and being surprised by one." At the turn around we fall in stride and quickly patter down the hill. The difference between his stride and mine is immediate. Even with the minimal protection my Vibrams gave me, i could be much more liberal with the terrain I could comfortably run over.

Grant still pretty upbeat states, "Wow there are a lot of rocks!" and "Hey did i just beat you going UP a hill?" We fall in line with another runner who tells us we're flying. The final bend and then the long climb back up to the start and i hear "i'm outta air." "Don't worry, you'll catch me!" I say over my shoulder and push on. As i patter ahead encouraging the runners. I overhear a conversation of a woman and a fella.
Her- "i'm holding you back, go ahead"
Guy -"hey we're in this together"
It couldn't help by make me smile and boosted my spirits for the final 1/4 of a mile.
Grant who had fallen back only a few yards was keeping up fine now. I say over my shoulder, "So Grant, You have any gas left? we going to sprint this?" Silence, crap, last turn and THERE HE GOES! The look on our faces explain it all.

First Day Results:
Heather - 10k -1:05:28
Leah - 5k - 34:38
Grant - BF5k - 26:09
Josh - BF5k - 26:10

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