Sunday, August 15, 2010

July Recap

So July started out with my annual Trip to Vermont for the 4th. It was filled with activities as it always seems to. Saturday started out with another Team Robert 5k with Rik, Steve, Leah and I completing the Clarence Demar 5k in South Hero Vermont. Sunday Featured a trip to Centennial Field for the Lake Monsters game
(Not bad seats for 8 bucks)

Followed up with a night filled with fireworks and a round or two against the bubble gun!

The second weekend marked the yearly return of the carnies to Hillsboro and thanks to 3C Productions the return of the Balloon Festival 5k. Six of us from HTR showed up and ran in the perfect weather. Mandiee completing her first ever race and Greg his first run in about 3 years.
(The Gang Pre-Race)

The 3rd weekend of the month was a return to Woodstock for the Vermont 100. An event that i had been to every year for 12 years, with the exception of last year, to pace or run. This year i was to be a Crew Member for Team Sherpa who was going for his 4th consecutive finish and his 2nd 100 of the Grand Slam.
(The Amazing Crew of Team Sherpa)

A last minute request had me pace my ultra buddy John Izzo. Sadly he dropped out 3 miles after i had joined him. BUT i got to go on an amazing adventure of thumbing a ride down from these poor young girls who had only driven up the hill for cell service. I gave Izzo my shirt to stay warm and climbed into a strangers truck wearing only running shorts in hopes to find the rest of the crew to come and get him. While Izzo didn't finish, Sherpa crossed the line and his Project 2010 continues

While all of this craziness is happening on the weekends. I continue to play roller hockey during the week. And after wearing the same chest protector since 1996 (2nd hand when I bought it) i decided to upgrade, and in tern upgrade the jersey i was wearing as it couldn't fit over the new gear. Before breaking either of them in i had Leah snap a photo in what i thought was a pretty close pose to an old photo i had dug up a few months ago. I posted a side by side comparison for your enjoyment, certainly made me laugh.
(who says you need to grow up...)

The last week of the month was spent out in the woods. I got to meet up with Dustin and Heather and spend approximately 55 miles trekking through southern VT along the Long Trail/Appalachian Trail. I met some pretty amazing people, saw some pretty neat campsites, and generally enjoyed being out there. It took a lot for me to not phone my work and tell them that quit. (Full Hike Recap to follow)

(Heather, Dustin and I on top of Killington)

Fresh home from the trail I had 24 hours to unpacked my hiking gear and throw on my running gear to join Loni on her quest towards the Vermont 50. Her training method is very similar to mine, which consists of amazing stretches of runs, followed by several days off, then all of a sudden a 50k thrown in for good measure and maximum suffering. It was painful for me, pitiful even, after starting at 6am with hopes of being able to wrap up the whole 50k before i needed to depart at 2, I only made it 21 miles. So much for residual fitness from the LT. Loni, pressed on alone and knocked out the whole 50k on her own (report here)

(Loni and I)

August is going to be a pretty quiet month i think, but i need to keep my butt in gear if a PRs are going to be set in September.

By The Numbers:
Miles Run: 53.7

# of Runs: 8
Average Miles: 6.7

Month Starting Weight: 168 Lbs
Month Ending Weight: 169 Lbs
Weight Change: +1 lbs

Race Results:
Clarance Demar 5k - 28:03
Hillsboro Balloon Fest 5k - 43:02

Upcoming August Events:
Cigna 5k
Moose on the Loose 10 Miler

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