Tuesday, August 24, 2010

LT Day 2

Griffith Lake - Lula Tye (8.9 Miles)

Wake up to everything soaked, or rather, Clothespin and Inchworm wake up to their things soaked. I'm feeling great, while i didn't sleep that well it was a nice release knowing i didn't have a commute, no work, all i had to do was walk for a few miles. I walk down to the waters edge to pump my water while my breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon re-hydrates. Shortly thereafter Dustin does the same but returns and says "This is why ATer's don't use pumps" Holding a piece of pump in each hand. It was obvious their luck wasn't getting better by the minute. Heather's toe still pretty swollen, but I try to stay positive and encouraging. Before we leave camp we chat more with Kim She tells us about the next caretaker and her boyfriend that works at the Long Trail Brewery, and if we are nice to her she might share one or two with us.

(Long run of planks along Griffith Lake)

Before we know it Dustin is off down the trail. I fall in line between his fast pace and Heather's reserved one. The trail is gorgeous and i'm just happy to be out there. About a mile into the day we have a short steep climb up Baker to get our first view of the day. When i arive i find that Dustin had been there for 10 minutes already and had his tent and other items "hanging" all around in the trees.
(View East From Baker)

From Baker there is a long long decent that hardly feels like a trail and more like a washout or a stream bed. Even though its been a dry summer, the sustained heavy rain from the night before turned the trail into an ACTIVE stream bed. Which provided some hairy footing at best. By now the three of us had spread out quite a bit. Heather way off ahead, myself somewhere in the middle, and Dustin trailing behind. I take the side trail and check out the Lost Pond Shelter, that i had learned to be on it's 3rd generation. The previous two burning down. It was a beautiful lean to and it's youth showed. Hardly a name or initial carved anywhere.

finally catch heather at the old job trail
break for lunch and examine the big brook ford
i build a little cairn, dustin joins and we cross
(Mid Ford)

while we're putting our dry shoes back on the sky's open up into a massive downpour. So much for only a 30% chance of rain. While we quickly throw on our jackets i examine the map and see that just .1 down the trail is the Big Brook Shelter. We made a run for it and even though we got wet, it provided us a nice dry spot to hang for an hour. Dustin took the opportunity to cook up some chicken soup.

(Lula Tye Shelter)

At the shelter the sun finally breaks through and we hang our things out again to dry. While eating the caretaker comes up and chats with us for a bit. She promises beer on her way out to the parking lot. A little while later another hiker and dog came up the trail. It's Wink and and her dog Solene, another thru hiker and pet heading northbound. After trying to get the fire going for over 2 hours we get something going for a little while, a perfect treat on a nice cool/clear night.

Quote of the day
"My bag smells like BO and Mountain House farts"

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leeapeea said...

ugh... BO and Mountain House Farts. That is definitely the same spot Dad and I had to ford the previous year- wonder when they'll replace the bridge. Looking forward to the next day's recap!