Thursday, March 3, 2011

February Recap

Week - 1
The first weekend of the month started out with the 5 of us playing in the woods of Fox Forest yet again. With the logging going on over by Loni's we rediscovered some of the Ridge trail on the south side of the woods. It was nice to see the other side of the woods again. Greg and I used to bike on that side often when we lived in the apartments. But then they logged and pretty much trashed the dry half of the trails. After some narrow log bridges we were off to my place to finalize the Team Robert Logos

(Log Bridge on Ridge Trail)

Week - 2

Saturday had us driving to Massabesic Lake take part in Sherpa John's Streakers Frozen Caboose 50k. It became obvious early on who the stronger runners were and Leah, Grant and I sat back while Nate, Julie and John trucked off ahead of us down the super flat snowmobile trail. I'd run the first 5 miles before, but never all of the way to the far side of Raymond. There were several road crossings, but the scariest being the super short tunnels (due to the snow) going under the more major roadway. John laughed as I emerged from under 101 with a shutter and said "I'd rather be under the Brushy Mountain Penitentiary!"

(Playing on the Train's in Raymond)

Less than 24 hours later Leah and I tossed on our snowshoe and joined Greg, Mandiee and Loni for a trek around Greenfield State Park. After about 5 minutes into the hike I became painfully obvious that there were no trail markings for winter hiking/snowshoeing. At least from where we went in. So we broke trail for awhile, playing in the campsites and marveling at the piles of snow on the picnic tables. With less than a mile left in our hike we finally discovered the trail we had been looking for for the previous few miles and got to enjoy a semi-broken path for the first time of the day.
(I carved a snow-frame on a down limb)

Week - 3
Weekend three was set to be another bash. At the Luah last year there had to be 30+ people. Or at least it felt that way to me who was delirious from the No Power No Problem 50k earlier in the day. This year, with a change of venue, and the major participants being out of town it was going to take on a new feel. The Luah was Leah's big gathering. My St Patties, or Oktoberfest so to speak, so it comes with high expectations. I certainly think it lived up to the hype. Sure it might not have been as big as last year. But it had good people, good music, and good conversations. On a side note i know know who the Clitinatti are.

(the end of the night a race to the bottom of the blender)

Week - 4
After fighting off a cold for the better part of 10 days and some trials and tribulations leading up thru the week towards my birthday it was time. Much like other runners and Loni two years ago it was time to do a 30-on-30. Last year i hosted the "Hammy Slammy," and this year the two events were to be combined. The day was pretty awesome. With 12" of snow on Friday and 8" of snow coming down on Sunday we hit the window of weather perfectly. Race report to be linked here once posted.

(All of us (Grant taking photo) at mile 29 of the Hammy Slammy)

By The Numbers(2010 Numbers in Quotes):
Miles Run: 85.5
# of Runs: 13 (28)
Average Miles: 6.6 (3.7)

Month Starting Weight: 177(175) Lbs
Month Ending Weight: 175(175)Lbs
Weight Change: -2 lbs

Race Results:

Streakers Frozen Caboose Fat Ass - 13.5 Miles - 2:45
30 on 30 (Hammy Slammy Part Deux) - 31.4 Miles - 8:05

Motivational video of the month:
Versus Motivational Video

Song of the month:
Tim McGraw - My Next 30 Years

Book of the month:
Kind of a good follow up to last month's book. It breaks down the what, where, how to start slowing things down in your life. With checklists that you can fill out and see how other people will potentially see your choices.

Upcoming March Events:
5th - Peak Snowshoe Marathon
19th - 9th Annual St Patties Day Party

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