Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011 Team Robert - Part 2

So after last post I felt like I had left too many people out. The "team" post was only the people involved with buying the shirts. But i felt like the team really expands beyond that. So with that said, i bring to you, in no particular order, the Team Robert "honorary members" (i.e. the ones that didn't want to spend the money on the shirts, but as far as I'm concerned, are still part of our team)

The Lush (ha, sorry Keith)
While Keith never actually joins us for our runs, he has provided us with an aid station or two on several of the fat-asses here in Hillsboro. His happy attitude and willing-ness to always host an aid station and tip back a cold one is almost unanimously welcomed in our runs.

The Surpass-er
I met Rachel, god-knows how many years ago, before she was a runner. Her gung-ho attitude took us from playing soccer in town together to her running the Pisgah 50k. The following week she was off to run the VT50 with my father(while i wuss'd out at the 50k). The next two summers she put together back to back Vermont 100 finishes the following two years before she stopped running. She may not still be running but her contribution to Team Robert early on will always be remembered. Maybe someday we'll get her to put her shoes on the trails again.

The Sherpa's
John and Sarah have been friends of Team Robert before Team Robert even existed. When our club started i fantasized about being as large, powerful as Team Sherpa (who several us of are honorable members of as well) are. OK, maybe they aren't either of those two things, but the money they have raised for causes close to them inspires me to want to do the same.

"The Strong's" (Name stolen from Leah)

Heather - "Clothespin"
Heather, who'd never run a distance beyond a 5k last spring, joined Grant and I for a 14 miler thru the woods in Wolfeboro. Two months later, did her first 10k/25k back-to-back weekend. Shortly thereafter thru-hiked with her husband, all while graduating with a RN Degree. Her amazing ability to push through diversity and any challenge makes her an asset to the team.

Dustin - "Inchworm"
While Dustin holds fast to his trail name of Inchworm his attitude on the trials while running is nothing of the sort. After running with several of us in countless Harpoon 5ks, he joined us on the trails at the Muddy Moose last spring and was sold on trail running. Like his wife, he also broke into the longer distance running doing a 25k with 'clothespin', 'puma', and 'ferret' at Pineland Farms in 2010.

The Strong's relocated back to Vermont in 2010 are now the Team Robert's home base for Peak Race's (Snowshoe and Ultra)

Lisa's nickname born from her passion for candles, personal and guest versions. While yet to join us for a run, she's our ever welcoming post run host in Nashua. Like Mandiee a few years ago, we've been working on getting her out for some time. Excited for her to join us on a run in 2011!

Tina and The Mechanic
The Christians joined the team thru Loni. Kiera's nickname isn't ours, but she looks ridiculously like Tina Fay. And our goal is to get her out to at least one 5k with her daughter in stroller this summer. Rob, the Mechanic, known for his automotive prowess has the ability to be a strong member of the team. We've just gotta work on twisting his arm to get out there and run with us. If we get Kiera, Rob is certainly to follow.

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