Friday, February 11, 2011

30 on 30 (Hammy Slammy Part Deux)

Mark your calendars for Saturday February 26th.

This will be a return of the Hammy Slammy in Hillabamy from last January. Details of that event can be found in my 2010 Race Report or SJ's 2010 Race Report.

Similar to last years run it will be 2, yes two, 16 mile loops. All road, 50% asphalt, 50% hard packed dirt road. Only a few sections qualify as non-back country roads. First loop counter clockwise (as the map is numbered) and the second clockwise to keep us semi awake.

Course here:

Aid Stations:
My Home at the S/F of both laps.
There is a Mobile station approx 8 miles into the loop if needed.
Loni's Home (aka Beer stop one) 2 Miles from home on lap 2
Keith's Home (aka beer stop two) under a mile from home on lap 2

Jump in Points:
Lap 2 - My home - 16 miles remaining
Lap 2 - Hillsboro Park&Ride - approx 4 miles remaining
Lap 2 - Loni's - approx 2 miles remaining
Lap 2 - Keith's - approx 1 mile remaining

The Pace:
The pace is going to be relaxed. 9-11 minute miles with plenty of walking on the hills. Slow enough to laugh and shoot the breeze but fast enough where we won't be out there all day. The goal is to finish somewhere around 7 hours with the stops.

Start Time:
The plan is to be laced up and down the road by 9am. Rain, Snow, or Shine

Additional Details/After party:
Don't feel like you have to run the whole thing, join us for a few miles around the lake. Hell, bring and ride your bike like Leah did last year while nursing an injury. The pace will be relatively slow as many of us SHOULD be tapering for the Peak Snowshoe race the following weekend, but 30 only comes once.

Ideally they'll be a couple of crock pots of good food and a new beer on tap for after the run. If anything, join us for that!

Email Me ( if interested. Hope to see you there.

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