Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January Recap

Week - 1
The first week of the month was great as Leah and I were putting run after run in. All while knocking out p90x routines to boot. My days had become, get up, work, come home, run, work out, and sleep. It wasn't bad, for awhile, but like with anything else, life got in the way. A few long late days at work, getting walloped by snowstorms and the removal that follows them took a toll on the limited time i had in the day. Saturday morning came fast and into Fox Forest the group went for the first time of the year. A quick 2 mile hike up and a 1 mile run back was a great warm up for weekends to come.

(Post Fox Snowshoe)

Week - 2

A group of 6 of us parked at the Wilmont Town Hall on a sunny Saturday. Four of us returning to Bog Mountain for the first time since RANH. Grant and I having hiked this stretch with John overnight thought it'd be a fun hike to see during the day. That and the likely hood of me getting peed on by a Turkey again was reduced drastically. The views were great, as was the playtime on the chain swing half way up. To amuse myself on the hike down i created a couple of snow figurines on the trail.

(My "snow" owl that i left on the trail to make other hikers laugh)

Week - 3

The 3rd weekend of the month marked the 4th annual "Thank God the Holiday's are Over Party." The great part of this years event was that it would no longer be in Massachusetts. D&H had moved to a wonder spot in Stockbridge Vermont, approximately 5 minutes from Amiee Farm (the start/finish of many Peak races). So of course, my first thought was, time to get some training in. With the temps steady at about 8* and with -11 overnight ahead of us, we climbed up Joe's towards cabin one. Having to break 90% of the trail Dustin, Heather and I traded off plowing thru the knee deep powder. I was surprised how few people had been using the trails. After drinking copious amount of booze and enjoying plenty of amazing plates of food a smaller group of us went out again on Sunday. This time, the temps were almost balmy at 11*. I was to lead the group up the Fuster's trail until we ran out of time and turned back. Unfortunately for me, I'd never run Fuster's backwards before. So we were lost for a good portion of the time. Thankfully with some, "lets just go this way" navigation skills we were able to find and break trail yet again back down Fuster's to Amiee.

(Top of Joe's at Cabin One)

Week - 4
Leah's father, an ultra runner himself, was to be visiting our lovely state of NH so around Christmas a plan was hatched to have a fat ass run. Which would turn into a short snowshoe hike, which would turn into a long day in Bear Brook State Park. John and I, being fans of pain decided to meet up 3 hours early, and get some extra time in. We hadn't seen one another since RANH so it was good to catch up before the rest of the gang arrived. "Leah has no idea what's she's getting herself into." Well, to be honest, I think John and I were the only two that knew exactly how large the loop she laid out for us was. The 5 mile bail out loop turned into, a 11.5 mile where we all bailed out loop. And as much as we all were grumbling a little. It was a pretty rewarding adventure.

(6 of us breaking Bear Hill Trail)

Week - 5-ish

After Leah, I and several others were unable to complete the 2 miles a day Streak contest on the month there was one last task. The Naked Mile. A concept created from the broken brain of Sherpa John last year. That was to be tacked onto this years challenge. Since bonus points were to be awarded I figured why not. After some convincing i was able to get Leah to join as long as it was only to be .5 miles outside. So with a short jaunt each on the treadmill it was 12:10am Jan 31st, and it was Streaking time!

(Ever run nude in 2* weather before?)

By The Numbers(2010 Numbers in Quotes):
Miles Run:
# of Runs: 21(25)
Average Miles: 3.3(4.4)

Month Starting Weight: 179(175) Lbs
Month Ending Weight: 177(175)Lbs
Weight Change: -2lbs

Race Results:


Motivational video of the month:
Why I Run

Song of the month:
Ray Stevens - The Streak

Book of the month:
In Praise of Slowness
Fantastic read. Puts a lot of things in perspective. Has really helped me appreciate the little and slow things as generally i am a "speedaholic."

Upcoming February Events:
12th - Streakers Frozen Caboose Fat Ass
26th - My 30 on 30 Run (Details Soon)

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