Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hallo-wiener Race Recap

November 20, 2011

A Race that someone said, "this seems like a race that Team Robert came up with."  Well i say no, we didn't come up with the idea. Nor put on the race.  But dang it, we kicked it's but with a smile on each and every one of our faces.  Normally i do race recaps of ultra's but this thing was so odd and unreal that i figured a mostly photo and caption recap would suffice.  Hope you enjoy!

(Team Scooting Schoolgirls)
(Team Hillsboro Hell Runners)

(The Starters taking to the line full of nerves)

Mandiee (14:39) DOMINATES the first leg and gives Keira a nice cushion before Rob takes over for the winded Greg (16:35)

(Greg Making the handoff)

(Keira Strutting her stuff in the lead.  She's sexy and she knows it)

(Rob putting the hurt on an Angry Bird)

(beer soooo big!)

(Rob taking the task in stride)

Rob(15:30) (running his first race) not only reduced the gap in the run, he killed the beer and hot dog and left Keira (17:31) in the dust and passed me the baton WITH A LEAD!

(Off like the wind)

(But Loni is close behind)

(Easy peasey, had i looked back though Loni was in site)


(Strike a pose, tap tap...uh oh)

(Loni's closed what little lead i had)

I (11:33)  finish my hot dog and slam the rest of my beer and see that Loni(16:52) still has a ways to go i know it's in the bag now.
(Grant, the anchor, is out ahead)

(Leah too a few minutes later, but she's got a game plan)

(wayyyy out ahead)

(Grant decides he's not only going to win the race, but also beat the girl sitting next to him)

(Piece of cake)

(Meanwhile Leah is battling her own demons, they just happen to be a pirate)

(Leah's technique, the dunk!)

(*hurk* Am i done now?)

With our fastest runner Grant(10:49) as our anchor the lead only increased over the schoolgirls.  Poor Leah(12:22) even with the schoolgirls fastest time didn't stand a chance.

Official Results
Hillsboro Hell Runners                Scooting Schoolgirls
Greg - 16:35                               Mandiee - 14:39
Rob - 15:30                                Keira - 17:31
Josh - 11:33                                Loni - 16:52
Grant - 10:49                              Leah - 12:22
     54:27                                          1:01:24

(The Gang, all smiles again once the beers and hot dogs settled)


leeapeea said...

Best/Worst race ever! The pain subsided much faster than the Stonecat's, though... Guess I was more trained for this one.

RawBodyGoddess said...

omg....just the thought of having to race while consuming hotdogs and beer...~hurl~

Josh said...

Yeah, Leah was so kind to point out that i left out everything that the race was about on my recap. I hope to cover it in my Monthly recap instead. One of these days i'll stop being lazy about these things (exa. Stonecat Marathon Recap)