Monday, November 28, 2011

October Recap

Week - 1
October kicked off with a perfect Sunny weekend.  Loni, Leah and I took advantage of the weather and didn't run a step.  Fresh from the VT50 we were all still licking our wounds and decided that yard work was where it was at.

Week - 2
To make up for our lack of a long run the previous week the three of us went out and put in a 4 mile run out and along Farah Marsh before dipping into Fox Forest for a short while.  It was a much needed butt kicking with what was to lie ahead later in the day.  I was to host my 5th Annual Oktoberfest, and with a massive menu as per usual i'm sure we ate all of the calories burned back instantly.

(Taking a Break in the sun to enjoy the view over Farah)

 (Another Oktoberfest, more of the same old shenanagans)

Week - 3
Going into the 3rd weekend of the month Leah and I decided to head up to Laconia and watch the FB&HW show and got our 15 minutes of nationally syndicated fame.  You can read up on that here.  Then it was our chance to help our friend Nate on his Painful Summer finally.  An annual RANH Crewing adventure.  You can read his write up here and here.  Compounded with after being up all night with Nate that we'd head to Bedford to be part of the Animal Rescue League 5k.  Oddly enough, after 1 hour of sleep, Grant and I knocked that sucker out of the park coming in 4th and 5th in our division.

(Beard 2 and Beard 1)

Week 4
In our final chance to get in a "long run" before the Stonecat Marathon Loni, Leah and I decided to head out on a 15 mile run down by the river.  No there were no motivational speakers in a van.  There was however, a cute dog that we dubbed "10k" after she followed us 6.1 miles from Henniker all of the way back to Loni's house.  After no help at all from either town's police and animal control i decided to just bring her to the animal control barn.  Boy the dildo that was in charge of that place STILL leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Although, after calling back a week later we were told that she was picked up by her owner within the hour.

(Fall colors)
Later in the night, to recover from the run and ensuing traumatic interactions with the disasters in town we fired up some good old fashion Hockey Night in Canada.  To relive my favorite times in college i made sure i had at least two games going at once.  The Canadians on the big screen playing the leafs and Bob Cole calling the game between the Jets and Canes.   

Week 5
The Coe's were throwing their annual Halloween Party Saturday night.  One trick was that New England was going to get wolloped by our first snowfall of the year.  I didn't really pay much attention as news pretty much blows anything and everything out of proportion these days.  But i didn't entirely discredit it either and i got my tow straps and come-a-long tossed into the bed of the truck before we headed 20 minutes away.  While picked up some tastey beverages in town I got a phone call.  My neighbors wife had slid off the rode and he was wondering if i could help her get out.  Sure no biggie, or so you'd think, until you see someone dressed as myself(see photo) approaching you blizzard like conditions.  Before the end of the night i had pulled 3 people off of the side of the road and about an hour after we got home the power went out.  The total snowfall was AWESOME!  I can't recall having this much snow so soon.

(Imma sexy Beer B*tch)

(The following morning)

By The Numbers(2010 Numbers in Quotes):
Miles Run:  52.1 (34.3)
# of Runs: 10 (5)
Average Miles: 5.2 (6.9)

Month Starting Weight:  174 (169) Lbs
Month Ending Weight: 178 (?)Lbs
Weight Change:  +4lbs EEP!

Race Results:
Harpoon Oktoberfest Road Race - 30:50
ARL 5k - 24:38

Upcoming November Events:
Stonecat Marathon
11s are Wild
Hallo-wiener Relay
Turkey Trot 5k
Loni's Birthday Run

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