Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year in Review

This has been a strange year of blogging. I feel like I've accomplished so much, and yet so little.  At times i had so much content, and at others I felt like I had content but I was busy gardening and being...well...UNPLUGGED from this thing.  I know it's unheard of right?  But their are so many wines, breads and ciders to make, and so many new fruits/veggies to grow and cultivate.  And only so many hours of daylight to share with friends and family.

My goals for 2013 are very large and daunting and yet, feel so far away that so far, i'm hardly worried.  My 7 in 7 i'd say was a half success, finishing every RACE i had signed up for and only wimping out on the FA's.  Which, looking back, is good because I've got one hell of a mountain to climb in 2013 on my way to the Vermont 100.  I'm hoping Sherpa's Annual Streak Challenge will boost a change of heart as the days start to become longer.  And for my poor readers (ha, as if you exist) I hope to have a lot more content in the coming months as I run several new and old races in preparation for the big event in July.  And perhaps some non-running content regarding my exploration into the world of making my own wine/cider and breads.

Race Breakdown:
Non-Ultra Races - 9
Ultra's - 6
Fat Ass's - 6

Additional Nerd-esk breakdowns
None available this year.  I lost almost 6 weeks of running records when someone "cough" leah "cough" erased my white board.  After that I couldn't bring myself to try to fake in those numbers or credit myself with a true year tally.  Better luck next year.

And always, my year end video.  Can't wait for 2013!!
(sorry, not mobile friendly due to our wonderful copyright laws)
2012 - YIR

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