Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Update & Hammy Slammy IV Preview

January came and went with a flash.  Our two group runs fell flat when no one showed any interest.  Half of the group is injured and immensely under trained.  So I've been opting out of travel and doing my training locally in Fox, on the roads and a trip to the Pack Monadnocks.  I'm up to day 43 of the 2 mile or more streak of 2013, add in my 50 push-ups and 100 sit ups a day i'm feeling like i'm starting to break out of the typical winter slums of February.

Last weekend, our 16 mile rail trail run turned into a brutal and unexpectedly hard 6 mile snowshoe after the winter storm Nemo dumped 24" onto the trail.  It was a startling reminder to the daunting task I have ahead of me at the Peak Snowshoe Marathon in 3 weeks.

A week BEFORE the Peak snowshoe i'll be continuing to carry the torch on a fat ass that Sherpa and I concocted back in 2010.  A long two loop 50k that follows the riverbanks of the Contoocook from Hillsboro to Henniker and back again.  As always the course remains the same and is on the roads so it will be rain/snow/shine.   February 24th, 9am.

2010 - Recap
2011 - Run Details that are 90% the same

So needless to say i'm getting miles in, but I feel WAY behind on where i need to be for July.  Thankfully my races are starting to near on the radar, as is spring thaw, and that means mud season and more fun in the woods.

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leeapeea said...

To be fair, one of our group member's "injury" is being pregnant...
Looking forward to Slammin' that Hammy!

...huh.... that might not have come out right...