Monday, January 18, 2010

January Update

So as i promised here's my mid-January status update.

Life the last 2 weeks have been stressful to say the least. After waiting weeks of back and forth paperwork and a closing date that slid from Jan 25th, to Feb 4th, to Feb 26th. To top it all off about a week ago I found out that my realtor and the selling realtor weren't playing nice with one another and the original offer DATED NOVEMBER 30TH!!! mind you had expired. They had terminated the offer due to lack of communication on both ends. I was furious, but at the same time helpless. Over the past two months I'd invested a lot of emotional and physical time in making sure the process would move forward smoothly having purchased a house prior. All for not. I completely lost my mind. Meanwhile my job has been starting to pick up as my company keeps winning job after job. Mind you, this isn't a bad thing, i'm glad i have a job, but the extra work means i need to delegate work to coworkers and "manage" people. For those of you who know me, you're well aware i've never been labeled, "plays well with others." So, after snapping at the pressure of work, and the failed house purchase i turned to my good friend Jagermeister. Normally the warming effect of the alcohol paired with the many many awesome memories i have where the Elk has been present bring me to a place where i am at peace. This time it did not, so i did the only thing that i've always done that seems to bring me back to center. I ran.

Much like John's streak of running at least 1 mile a day for 2010, i started a little streak of my own. I've been running off and on so far pushing towards my goal, but they had been sporadic and an afterthought to everything else going on in my life. Now with seven consecutive days worth of running, logging 35miles, I've re-found my balance. The last week has been amazing. I've run on treadmill, in the woods, on the road and even on an indoor track. It hasn't been easy to speak about it though. My girlfriend Leah is struggling through her first running injury and i feel bad talking about how content the running is making me in front of her. Thankfully she's on her way to the PT Thursday and i hope soon to have my running partner back as she continues to push for her first 1/2 marathon in March.

And so I push forward. In the words of Sherpa himself, "
... the streak continues. When will you start yours?!"

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