Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fat Ass 50k+

Event: Fat Ass 50k
Date: Sunday January 24th
Start time: 9am (Subject to change)
Location: Loni's House - 293 Bog Road, Hillsboro NH, 03244
What will be provided: At the house I'll have water, Lays Chips, Ramen Noodles (if it's cold), some random GU's, and I think I've got Heed and Gatorade powders.
What to Bring: Whatever additional you think you might need (or would like to share) and a hunger for some early season suffering.
Course: 2 x 16 mile loop (80% paved 20% dirt roads) mostly low traffic country roads with a couple of challenging hills. I haven't decided if I'm going to put a vehicle at the 8 mile mark for aid. If i don't, bring a few dollars, as there is a Mobil station at 8.1.

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If anyone shows it's going to be a group run, we'll run at the pace of the slowest runner(probably me) and we won't be leaving anyone behind. No need to be intimidated, come out and join me for a loop, or even a mile or two if you want. I never turn down company.

Please email me if you would like to join.

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