Monday, February 1, 2010

January Recap

January Re-Cap:
It's been a month of ups and downs. At work i was approached on Friday by management because they were concerned about me. Apparently my blow-ups had been becoming more frequent and louder. For those of you that know me, you'll have known that for 9 years I’ve sat outside of the door of this manager. And for him to JUST NOW finally say something to my boss, who then says something to me, yeah, it's been something else. For those who thinks buying a foreclosure is hard, you have no idea. A large amount of the fault falls on my idiot realtor. If for some reason anyone is looking to purchase a house, avoid Hagstrom Real Estate as if it was the black plague. Masiello was once in the crosshairs, but their management stepped up and fixed it. Travis Maine unfortunately, remains inept, and I can only hope his actions will diminish his sales. I’ve still got my job, and the house continues to move forward, albeit at a ridiculously slow pace.

Onto the good! After starting the year putting together a few runs here and there I got an email from Sherpa telling me to “Move yer ass!” Since then I’ve put together 19 straight days of running. Anywhere from daylight, to dusk, to 10+ laps around an indoor track, hell I’ve even gotten up a few times at 3am to run on the treadmill. With the help of Leah, Loni and Sherpa we knocked out the first Ultra of the year last Sunday. Hockey has re-started only helping with my cross training. My core cross training is still virtually nonexistent but I’ll work that out as I start getting more comfortable throwing up this kind of mileage. John had mentioned last week, and he’s spot on, this is my first non-race month where I’ve eclipsed the 100 mile mark. And with John hosting this month’s ultra on my birthday I have only positive thoughts looking into February.

Book List:

Born to Run – Interesting points, I’d read it again, I actually got the audio book to “re-read” on my long runs

The Runner’s Guide to the meaning of life - Great Read Highly recommended

The Tao of Pooh - You’ll see this one several times this year. It helps me re-center whenever I lose my path

By The Numbers:

Miles Run: 109.2
Miles # of Runs: 25
Average Miles: 4.4

Month Starting Weight: 175 Lbs
Month Ending Weight: 175 Lbs
Weight Change: 0

Race Results:

Hillsboro Fat Ass 50k+ - 6:40

Upcoming February Events:
Frozen Fox Snowshoe - Feb 13th
Bear Brook 50k - Feb 27th

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leeapeea said...

Great work through all the adversity, baby. :-)