Thursday, February 25, 2010

Peak 53 - RR Summary

This race took place back in June of '09. I promised myself i'd write a full report at some point. But then after 8 months i had pretty much given up. Leah told me that my outline was good enough to post as the people that would have run the race would understand and it'd be ok. So here we are.

Perhaps you'll enjoy. If you've got a lot of questions, feel free to join me this June at the Peak 54 and experience it for yourself

~Start – Liberty Hill
Running with Izzo, Delbac
Burned Field
Haze raising out of valley
Long Climb

~Liberty Hill – Colton
Road, past nice houses
Woman wiped out
Stomach bubbling
Sun breaking through
Warm already

Colton – Colton
Seeing the guys coming down the climb
Running up with the guy from Newmarket NH
No bear or Number at the top this year, bummer
Changed course a little so it wasn’t so steep

Colton – Upper Michigan
A lot of road.
Running with Joe "Millionaire"
A bit of walking
Trying to conserve
Really warm in the sun

Upper Michigan – Upper Michigan Loop
Long Climb
Wet Trail
Running with the CT woman that had fallen earlier
Rick and CT talking about running with kids and swimming

Upper Michigan – Clearing
Long Climb next to the river
Joe, other guy, couple and woman all turned around saying they were lost
I tell them to push on, we’re going in the right direction
Trying to conserve water
Out onto the road that Rik talked about
4 people disappear

Clearing – Blood Root
No water!
Joe and guy disappear again
GAC guy flies past
Rik and I burning up
Out of water
Tunnel vision

Blood Root – Chittenden
4 cups of coke, Gatorade, BBQ chips, oranges
Black fly feast!
Getting Rik moving
Trucking down the hill
Talking with the other ultra woman I’ve run with
“is your dad OK?”
“you guys have been doing this for years, good luck”
Another turn, up Haydens. Slowing down
“I’m looking forward to the Nettle to scratch the black fly bug bites”
Watching the clock tick by, giving up on my PR
Mud, climbs
Catching up to Joe and guy

Chittenden – Upper Michigan
More rolling
Climbing to the long trail
Looking back over the lake/reservoir
Long breaks, Rik and I taking turns pulling the other one along
Catching someone! Guy from Newmarket again
Last decent to the river
Following the river back to the aid

Upper Michigan – Haydens
Rebuild, refilled
Lecharitte at the aid
Running the road
Rik drinks the Guiness
A little bit of jogging
Seeing Jason’s daughter

Haydens – Dove Drive
Rough switchbacks
Blowing through a lot of sugar
A bit of mud
Back onto the road and drinking the fruit cups

Dove – Tweed
“I dunno if I’ve got 9 miles left in me”
Up Joe’s, past skeletons
Hiking sticks
White tail dear
Rik and I struggling…big time!
Crawling under downed tree
Top of Joe's, the single tree we’ve seen in the distance all day long.
“I saw the sun rise over Joe's and now I’m watching the sun set from joes”
Through the switchback pines “enchanted forest” as I’ve come to know it
Down the backside of Joe's on the old snowshoe course
Large bermed corners. Would probably be a blast on a mountain bike
Enjoying myself one minute and being miserable the next
More coke at Tweeds, restocking and more fruit

Tweed – Finish
"Carry this rock to the finish and you’ll get 1000," two other items out there
Looking for the rock (later found out it was Adam)
Feeling cold, then warm
Getting Darker
Front side of Joe's, more switchbacks
I hear the river, wait, nope, wind
Lights, we’ve gotta be close, turn, long climb
Pitch black, Rik says no to lights. Wandering in the dark
OK, finally lights
Smushing through the mud
Another light
It’s Loni!, we cross the bridge and walk our way home
A few runners stayed around the fire
Izzo was wondering what happened to us. Delbac had taken the shortcut home from 44.
Grabbed our metals, talked about what we were going to do for VT100
No food left
Got the hell out of dodge

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