Sunday, February 21, 2010

40 days and 40 nights

The Streak continues....

Since I don't want this to turn into hate filled rant after rant blog i haven't been posting much lately. I already had a rant blog (god help the people that read that), and i had hoped i was past that, but the last 3 months haven't done me any favors. Trying to buy this house is by far the hardest most uncontrollable mess I've ever participated in. It makes running a 50 miler, hungover, with no training EASY by comparison. At least when running an ultra, YOU have control, YOU have the ability to stop when you want, to run when you want, to sit down at an aid station. To be able to control what you eat and drink when YOU feel like you need it.

Speaking of trying to do the impossible. My training streak is now at 40 days of 1 mile or more. Some days many, many days only some. Onward to Peak. Now all i need is some snow so i can get in my snowshoes again. I haven't put those stupid things on in almost 2 months. And in less then 2 weeks I've got to go a marathon distance.

boogity boogity

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