Friday, December 23, 2011

November Recap

Week - 1
The Month started out with the Stonecat Marathon.  The day started cold, but the sun came out it warmed into a perfect day.  Complete recap can be found here.

(Parting with the Cat)

Week - 2
11's are Wild Run happened on friday night.  I don't need to any anything more than what Loni wrote on her wall.  Seemed to sum it up perfectly.
"Ran an awesome11k at 11pm on 11-11-11 with Josh and Leah. Highlights including walking threw Fox forest with no lights on and hearing ice crystals/rain hit the dry leaves. Watching the full moon go in and out the clouds. Awesome narly old trees silhouetted against the night sky. Moonlight horse pastures. Quacking nervous ducks in cages. Watching my shadow glide in front of me, felt like I was flying watching it. Silver moon reflected in puddles and streams. Yep it was good :-) thanks josh for the idea and hosting !"

(The Evil Night Tree)

Week - 3
"Anyone intested in this run?"   Was sent out to the team.  The response came at a a fevered pace. YES!  Run only 1.25 miles and then HAVE to drink 23oz of beer AND eat a hot dog in a relay??  Boy that sounds like a perfect race for us.  Our team of 30-ish year olds still trying to relive our college days that do a "beer mile" annually.  Needless to say we didn't put together one team for the event, but two!  And the photo recap of the day can be found here.

(The Team)

Week 4
Per yearly tradition. After a trip to Vermont for Thanksgiving it was off to knock out some miles on Loni's Birthday Run.  We had a bit of a concern after the recent snowfall of what the woods would have in store for us, but the only thing we had to deal with was some cold wet feet on the last lap.
(Happy Birthday Puma)

By The Numbers(2010 Numbers in Quotes):
Miles Run:  95 (45)
# of Runs: 12 (13)
Average Miles: 7.9 (3.5)

Month Starting Weight:  178 (?) Lbs
Month Ending Weight: 176 (172) Lbs
Weight Change:  -2lbs

Race Results:
Stonecat Marathon -6:30:54
11s are Wild - n/a
Hallo-wiener Relay - 54:27
Loni's Birthday Run - 18.5M - 5:15

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