Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Year In Review

I'm not a big fan of getting all sentimental, blah blah blahs, but it's been another great year.  And to pair up with the year in review video I add this.

Notes/Accomplishments from 2011:
I broke into another race (age) bracket
Keira's Frist Race
Started our own Mini-Barkley Race
Mandiee's First 10k
Grant PR'd his 50k
Took a trip back to Maine and completed the trails on Katahdin
Did the entire Belknap range in one day
Knocked out another Week on the LT
I was made fun of on a Nationally syndicated radio show
Loni, Grant and Leah all finished their first Marathons
Rob's first Race

Race Breakdown:
Non-Ultra Races - 9
Ultra's - 4
Fat Ass's - 7

Additional Nerd-esk breakdowns (Thanks to Steve Latour on Facebook)
Miles for 2011 - 849.9
Race Miles (Does not count fat asses)  -227.4
Training Miles -622.5
Number of Runs - 134
Overall Mileage per times I put my running shoes on - 6.3miles
Highest Mileage Month - May (106.3)
Lowest Mileage Month - April (44.9)
Number of weeks with 0 Training Miles - 5
Stupid Factoids:
In September I ran 5 times totally 89.9 miles which averages to 18 miles per run!
Longest Running streak was 8 days, Once in Jan & once in July. Shameful
Shortest Run - 0.8 (April)
Longest Run  - 50 (Vermont 50)

And last but not least, the year end slideshow video:

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trailgrrl said...

leave it to the Bard to bring out da Nerd : ) Love it...congrats on a great year!!